penta fail

Currently, I’m really looked on Paladins on Nintendo Switch. Almost all of my game time goes to this game, and I’ve already spent more than 200 hours on it. But right now I’m getting a little turned off from the game due to this Shadow Warrior Trials – a set of requirements that you need to complete in order to receive the rare title “Shadow Warrior”.

There are six total requirements and I’ve met three of them already – needing to kill each one of the Champions, playing 50 matches, and healing a total amount of 225,000 in one match. So I’m technically halfway done with the trials, right?

The easiest of my three remaining challenges is probably the requirement of dealing 225,000 damage in one match – it sounds hard but I heard there’s an easy way to do it that involves using Bomb King and destroying shields. The next one is playing as each of the Champions and if I’m not mistaken, I already have enough Gold and Crystals to buy any Champion that I haven’t been able to use since unlocking the trials.

The last trial is the hardest, and I’m already starting to think that I don’t have the skill to do it: get a Penta kill, which is essentially get five kills in really quick succession. The first problem here is that it has to be a kill, so if the Champion I’m fighting gets killed by a teammate, that doesn’t count. The second problem is that there are only five Champions in an opposing team so every single one of them has to be alive and in immediate vicinity of each other for me to even have a chance at getting the Penta. And the third problem is those Champions won’t necessarily be just standing around, letting me kill them. They’ll be fighting back, so not only do I have to kill every single one of them, I have to survive their attacks on me too.

The feat is not impossible; plenty of others have already gotten the achievement. But it requires a lot of skill and especially luck – I’ve gotten three Quadra kills already and have not been able to push to Penta because either one of the five opponents happened to be elsewhere, or because I had died after getting the fourth kill, or because someone else got that supposed fifth kill.

I have less than a month to go to complete these trials. On one hand, the only thing thats up for grabs is just a title – a rare one, yes, but something that won’t affect gameplay. On the other hand, I’m just three challenges away from completion and it’s gonna suck knowing how close I was if I end up falling short. Oh well, we’ll see what happens.


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Two months since my last post! I can’t believe it! Well actually I know why – it’s been really busy lately, with a lot of tasks that need to be done at work and me having to deal with personal issues as well. Whatever free time I had, I spent it on video games so I wasn’t able to update. I also felt guilty about updating my personal blog when I kept missing my weekly requirement at 3rd World Geeks (go check out my stuff there!) so I just opted out completely.

So what has happened since my last update? I beat Doom but I am not completely done with the game; I did find all the Doom Guy toys thanks to the help of FAQs but I have not unlocked all of the classic Doom maps and have not played any of the ones I unlocked, which I still plan to do. I just beat Doom and considered myself done with it for now so I can move on to another game: Bayonetta.

And I have been progressing fine with Bayonetta, up until Fortnite and Paladins were released. Both games have now taken up the majority of my game time, so my Bayonetta progress has been very slow. And it looks like Bayonetta will require some grinding and replays in order to unlock everything; I’m not sure if I’m up to that because I still have several titles in my backlog, and Diablo 3 plus Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are just on the horizon.

So, TLDR – I beat Doom and I’m now playing Bayonetta, Paladins and Fortnite.

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hell on mars

After going through Super Bomberman R really quickly (around 5 hours), I decided to play something that really felt like a home console game instead of the smaller indie games that I’ve collected. I mean, I’ve been on the 3DS for years, so I’m a little starved for home console power.

So I finally started Doom (my first Switch purchase) and now I am enjoying the Switch fully. Despite some obvious downgrades, Doom on the Switch is still quite impressive. Especially once I got to the part where I’d have to climb this tall tower and the stage becomes more vertical than horizontal.

I have to say, motion controls really work well with first person shooters, more than analog stick aiming. And the 8bitdo SF30 Pro has great motion controls, so I’m really enjoying my Doom playthrough.

I’m taking things slow though, trying to get all of a stage’s secrets before moving on to the next. Right now I think I’m just a third of the way through so Doom is going to occupy my time for around 1-2 months.

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dud bomb

I gave it a chance but I think I already have one of my first Switch regrets: Super Bomberman R. My fifth retail Switch purchase, I bought Super Bomberman R as a co-op game for me and my fiance but she never really liked it. I’m not sure why – we burned a lot of hours back then with Bomberman on DS. She would even play that game on her own.

I don’t know exactly why she doesn’t like it, but I suspect that she doesn’t like the transition from a 2D to a 3D perspective (it does make the game a little more confusing). Whenever we’d play, she’d prefer something else.

I went through Story Mode and was quite bored. I don’t think I ever enjoyed single player Bomberman – most of my enjoyment of the franchise comes from playing deathmatches with buddies. But since I moved, I haven’t had the chance to meet up with my playgroup. They also don’t have their own Switch consoles yet so even if we did meet up, we’d probably play the DS title.

So yeah, I’m sure Super Bomberman R has its fans but I’m not one of them. I may consider selling or trading my copy later on. I gave it a shot and played the game all the way to the end, but it never hooked me the way the DS or even SNES versions did.

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leaving 3d land

Finally, I’m done with Super Mario 3D Land! All stages beat with Mario and Luigi, all Golden flags, and all Star Medals, secret stage unlocked and beat as well!

My final thoughts on the game… some of the levels are just rehashes of the earlier ones, with a few of them repeated twice with a few twists. And the latter stages are too reliant on the Tanooki suit or maybe I’m just not that skilled enough to beat those stages without it.

Also, there’s barely any theme connecting each of the worlds (unlike Super Mario Bros. 3) so while great, the experience isn’t memorable. Yes, I did enjoy 3D Land but I don’t think I’ll remember much of the experience a year from now.

Now that I’m done, I’ve moved on to Super Bomberman R on Switch and will be picking up 3DS games with post main story content like Fire Emblem Echoes and Warriors. Finally, I’m going to start playing my Switch games!

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