8 bit alucard

After I beat River City: Tokyo Rumble for the second time, I finally moved on to my next game – Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, the 3DS virtual console version. I no longer appreciate NES games due to their 8 bit graphics (particularly the older ones) but I was excited to play this one.

First, it’s been lauded as one of the better looking games on the NES. I’ve never played any of the 8 bit Castlevania games before and they say that this is the best one. I also found the game’s “partner” mechanic intriguing, especially since one of your partners in the game is Alucard, renowned for being the protagonist of Symphony of the Night.

When I started playing, I decided to go in blind and not read anything about the game’s multiple paths. I wanted who my potential partner will be to be a surprise. As fate would have it, I got partnered with Alucard!

I’m really enjoying the game, and I’m happy with the purchase because the multiple paths will mean multiple non-repetitive playthroughs. That’s all for now as my hands are literally itching for my 3DS.

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ai advantage

That “Defeat 3,000 delinquents” job in River City: Tokyo Rumble proved as tedious as I expected, so I ended up taking advantage of the game’s partner AI. What I did was to look for a spot with high ground, one that can’t be reached without doing a double jump. With the help of the Jetpack item, I parked my character on that high spot and let the AI partner beat up enemies on its own. I equipped my partner with a Healing Chain item to ensure that it would survive.

Thankfully, I’ve got a 2DS so I’m able to set the game aside while I’m playing other games. I can’t leave the game alone completely; sometimes, the enemies and the AI partner gets stuck and I’d need to go down and beat the enemies up myself. But I’m free enough to play something else while the AI grinds for that 3,000 KO’s.

Last I checked, I already had 2,500 defeated enemies. I’m almost done with River City: Tokyo Rumble; I can’t wait to start with my next game.

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river city grind

I may have bit off more than I’m willing to chew when I decided to do a 100% completion New Game Plus run of River City Tokyo Rumble. I thought it’d be a breeze since I’d retain my character levels, equipment, items and cash. Turns out that there are some Jobs that would be very time consuming.

The first Job that I had trouble with was thst black belt job which required me to buy all of the Special Moves that Kunio could learn, so I had to grind a lot in order to save up the needed cash. And it was a long grind – some of those moves cost 20,000 yen! 

The second Job that gave me trouble was the one that required me to beat 1,000 enemies. It didn’t matter who the enemy was – I got credit for beating up anyone. I did both these jobs at the same time because you earned cash primarily from defeating enemies.

I thought that was it – what could be more difficult than that beat 1,000 enemies Job, right? How about beat 3,000 enemies?

That’s right, the last Job that I’m working on right now requires that I beat up 3,000 enemies. And so far, I’ve barely cracked 100. 

On the bright side, this extended my playthrough of River City Tokyo Rumble to 23 hours and counting. At least I got my money’s worth, sort of. Can’t wait to be done with this and go back to my Fire Emblem Fates playthrough.

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PoGo progress

Taking advantage of the XP bonus, I evolved another batch of Pokemon two days ago and finally got to Level 25 in Pokemon Go. That, along with catching a Ponyta, brought my number of catches to 105.

Doing that also meant that, aside from catching the remaining Pokemon, I only have a few more things to do in the game, two of which is to evolve my Weepingbell and Rhyhorn. I’ll need candies to do this, so that means I’ll need to wait for quite some time.

Call me OC, but I’ve been avoiding evolving Pokemon that don’t have the highest appraisal ratings. I just feel that it’s a waste of candies if I use it on Pokes that aren’t top grade. But I may have to if I really want to fill up my Pokedex. After that, I’ll just have to catch the rest or be lucky to have them hatch from eggs.

This may be a short list, but it’s still a list of things to do in Pokemon Go. I’ll probably keep playing the game for as long as I can feel that I can still progress in the game.

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new game plussing

I recently finished River City: Tokyo Rumble and I’m not satisfied because I wasn’t able to unlock all the characters, so I’m doing another run. Thankfully, the game has a New Game plus mode that will allow me to keep my existing level and inventory. One other bonus to New Game plus is the ability to play as the other characters – this eases the repetitiveness of the game somewhat.

I beat this game in under 10 hours, so it’s a good thing that I have good reasons to do another playthrough and get my money’s worth. I still regret this impulse buy a lot though – I could have bought Zero Time Dilemma or Dragon Quest VII or Bravely Second. Oh well.

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