kinda cheating

I’m currently at Chapter 12 of Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and despite some setbacks, I’m still playing the permadeath Classic Mode. But… I’m kind of cheating.

First off, I bought a DLC mission back when I was still playing Birthright – the mission that allowed you to gain XP and gold in Conquest as well. So I have an advantage over someone who is playing a pure game of Conquest. It doesn’t just hand out XP and gold though; I still have to earn it by playing the mission. And the mission itself is still permadeath so I still need to play well. Lastly, the mission doesn’t award bucketloads of gold; it’s not like the Gold DLC of Awakening where you can earn a fortune in a single sitting.

This isn’t all that I did, though. There’s a castle with a generous player who not only has most of the mines, farms, and pools of items that you need for forging and cooking, he also didn’t equip his castle defenders. This makes seizing his castle quite easily, and what do you get when you seize a castle? You can recruit one of that player’s characters for free.

So I drafted Ryoma to the Nohrian side and he’s been kicking ass for me. He doesn’t have his signature weapon Raijinto, but he doesn’t need it – he still has the high stats and especially that high crit rate. I’ve played two chapters with him on and while he isn’t an auto win for me, he’s a tremendous help. He can hold entire sections of the map on his own, allowing me to reallocate my resources elsewhere.

I feel a little guilty about having Ryoma in my army but that’s a feature that’s in the game. I didn’t enter any cheat codes or hacks. Later on, I’ll refrain from using Ryoma and just use him as a last resort if I’m really having problems with a chapter.

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birth of a conqueror

After some hesitation, I finally began my Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest playthrough. I figured, if I had plans of playing more RPGs like Bravely Second, Dragon Quest VIII, and that upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes game, I might as well deal with my Fates backlog as soon as possible.

To get a good feel of the storyline, I played through the Prologue chapters again and I have to say, the game doesn’t do a good job of selling the Nohrian side at all. I’d say that the majority of those playing the game‚Äč would choose to side with Hoshido, with the exception of those who know that Conquest offered a tougher challenge and better mission design. Choosing Nohr was such a hard choice to make and the cutscenes that followed were a little tough to bear.

Once I got through the first mission after the choice, I felt a little better. There was a purpose to me being where I am, a good justification… I just wish that the game gave stronger hints prior to the decision.

Also – Conquest is awesome! The two chapters that immediately followed the choice were very difficult, in a way that you can’t just use brute force to get through them. I had to really think about my tactics; once I found a good solution, I won easily.

Oh yeah, I’m playing Conquest on Hard and Classic mode. Let’s see how long before I cave and change this to Casual. I already repeated one of the missions multiple times; I expect to do the same for the rest of the game.

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secret weakness

I finally beat the linked game version of Oracle of Seasons and I’m a little disappointed. I tried my hardest to beat the game without checking any FAQs but failed. Minor spoilers ahead.

So I got to the game’s final boss, and I beat him with very little trouble. Without spoiling the solutions, the boss is invulnerable to most attacks save one, which I discovered on my own. After taking some damage, he’ll start using an object to block your attacks – if you hit said object you’ll take damage. And I figured out how to get around that too.

Since I was playing a linked game, the additional questions kicked in and I was faced with another “Lost Woods” type of puzzle wherein you needed to follow a specific direction in order to make it through the area. I figured that one out on my own too. 

And then I got to one of the end game bosses and I got complete stumped. After an hour of repeating the battle, I gave up and looked up the solution online. Turns out that you had to get the boss to a certain state and then shoot her with a specific type of seed – not any of the five available types would do, just a handful of those would work – and only then can you beat her.

And I was thinking, how in the world would I had figured that out on my own? As far as I could tell, the game didn’t offer any clues or hints that this was needed. And it appeared that what I was doing was causing damage – I just didn’t have a clue that I really wasn’t killing her. Should I have gone through each and every weapon in my inventory to discover this secret weakness? I did, and remember that the boss is only vulnerable to the seeds in only one specific state – it wouldn’t have worked any other time.

It’s a little frustrating when games become obtuse like this, when you have to rely on multiple trial and error runs just to beat it. This would have been acceptable if I had just been too lazy to figure it out on my own but I wasn’t. This battle needed lots of time, effort, and luck in order for players to win, and that’s not fair.

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pinap berries are awesome

The recent Pokemon Go update was celebrated mainly because of the addition of the Gen 2 Pokemon. While I like that part of the update a lot, I think the best part of the update is the addition of Pinap Berries in the game.

When used on a Pokemon‚Äč just before a catch attempt,  Pinap Berries have the simple bonus of increasing the candies that you get when you’re successful. Simple and doesn’t seem much, right?

It’s actually quite significant. You get candies on a successful catch, when you hatch eggs, and when you walk your Buddy Pokemon. So for rare Pokemon, the only sure way to get it’s candies is to walk it. And for most Pokemon, it’ll take you a 3 KM walk to get a single candy (this ranges from 1 KM – 5 KM). 

Pinap Berries can save you that effort and adds value to low CP rare Pokemon that you encounter. 10 CP Magikarp on the road? Great! Catch it with a Pinap Berry and earn extra Magikarp candies for your trouble.

I’ve been using Pinap Berries for that exact purpose – on weak Chikoritas, Totodiles, and other rare Pokemon. More reasons to catch those that I already have.

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cheap death

In the middle of one of the later dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, I encountered something that I’ve never seen in a Zelda game before: a cheap, instant kill Zeldan

I was very surprised because Zelda games are known for the bottled fairy mechanic – catch a fairy, store it in a bottle and it’ll immediately revive you whenever you get KO’ed. In the Gameboy/GBC Zelda games, the equivalent of the bottled fairy is secret medicine which does the same thing.

Now this death trap that I’m talking about, not only did it immediately kill me from full health, it also bypassed my secret medicine and sent me directly to the Game Over screen. Wow.

It’s not too big of a deal – I took a quick break from the game, replayed it from my previous save, then handled that death trap quite easily. I’ve beaten the dungeon and I’ve moved on. But the experience is notable – again, Zelda games have this revive mechanic so instant game over effects feel quite out of place.

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