five stars

One of the common criticisms of Fire Emblem Heroes is how important four- and five star heroes are in the game. I’ve also seen multiple articles and write ups on the game’s “re-roll” – restarting your save so you can get a good set of four or hopefully five star characters. 

Due to the need to redownload around 800 MB of updates, I stopped re-rolling when I got a four star Chrom (from Fire Emblem Awakening). I thought he was good enough, but I’ve been struggling recently and haven’t really advanced forward. I thought that it would be easy enough to promote Chrom to five stars but I was wrong.

Well, I’ve also read that Nintendo has tweaked the summoning system in such a way that the longer you go without getting a five star hero, the more likely it will be that you’ll be able to summon one. And lo and behold, a week after I started playing the game, I now have a five star Ryoma (from Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright).

Alright, he’s my second five star hero but Ninian doesn’t count – not only do I not remember her (she’s one of the later recruits of the first GBA Fire Emblem game), but she’s also a support character. Ryoma is a main guy, capable of counterattacking from 1 or 2 squares away.

I’m currently training him and will probably have to replace Chrom with him. I was hoping for a five star Ike but Ryoma is a great alternative. I’m glad I got him this early!

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the strongest

I couldn’t wait for Nintendo to release Fire Emblem Heroes in my country and downloaded an APK off of Google, and I’ve been playing it in place of Clash Royale recently. I’m at the point wherein my group of heroes is already dealing with the “World of Radiance” – characters from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, the two titles where my favorite Fire Emblem character Ike is from.

What’s significant to me here is how Fire Emblem Heroes referred to Ike as the strongest of all the heroes. Really? Strongest? Stronger than the legendary Marth, or Awakening’s Chrom or one man armies Ryoma and Xander of Fates?

I’m not necessarily questioning this, I’m just surprised that Ike’s strength is being acknowledged in canon, especially since the Radiant titles aren’t as well known as Awakening. As an Ike fan and as someone who loves sequels, I’m hoping for a follow up to Radiant Dawn or even a remake of Path of Radiance on the Switch because I want to see Ike and the rest of the Greil Mercenaries back in action.

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more gli-garbage

Earlier today, I hatched a 5km egg in Pokemon Go and to my astonishment, it was a Gligar. An effing Gligar!!!

I had gotten maybe 3-5 Gligars from 10km eggs in the past so I feel that I got ripped off – I mean, I got a 5km Pokemon from a 10km egg! More than once!!!

I haven’t looked into it, haven’t checked if Niantic changed up all the egg contents. It’s annoying, but whatever. At least, if Niantic did move Gligar from 10km to 5km eggs, then I have a better chance at getting something good on my next 10km egg.


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for one or for all

And I thought, after the first two sidequests, that it couldn’t possibly get harder but it did! I am on the third sidequest of Bravely Second and my goodness, even just from a story perspective I can not make a decision!

I don’t know if this is truly by design, but both choices have their pros and cons, their justifications and their flaws. I’ve tried selecting either choice and when the game tries to confirm my decision, I end up backpedalling. Essentially, my choice revolves around benefitting the majority while sacrificing the sentiments of the few, or not allowing that sacrifice, possibly losing another opportunity for the majority to improve themselves.

Then again, this is just a game. Not something to lose sleep over. I know that (I was accidentally spoiled) I will somehow get back to this point and choose the other option later on so I’ll just choose what’s more beneficial for me gameplay-wise.

Kudos to whoever wrote this subquest for making it a truly tough decision!

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tough choices

Bravely Second’s side quests have given me really tough choices so far. Basically, they involve having to choose between two sides, both have valid and invalid points. You also end up with one of the Bravely Default asterisks, losing access to the other.

Its been extra difficult for me because for some reason, my preferred choice in terms of story hasn’t aligned with my preferred asterisk. And because this is my first playthrough, I’ve been choosing plot versus gameplay, ending up with asterisks that I don’t want.

I’ve only done two of these side quests so far, so I hope this isn’t the case for the entire game.

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