hell on mars

After going through Super Bomberman R really quickly (around 5 hours), I decided to play something that really felt like a home console game instead of the smaller indie games that I’ve collected. I mean, I’ve been on the 3DS for years, so I’m a little starved for home console power.

So I finally started Doom (my first Switch purchase) and now I am enjoying the Switch fully. Despite some obvious downgrades, Doom on the Switch is still quite impressive. Especially once I got to the part where I’d have to climb this tall tower and the stage becomes more vertical than horizontal.

I have to say, motion controls really work well with first person shooters, more than analog stick aiming. And the 8bitdo SF30 Pro has great motion controls, so I’m really enjoying my Doom playthrough.

I’m taking things slow though, trying to get all of a stage’s secrets before moving on to the next. Right now I think I’m just a third of the way through so Doom is going to occupy my time for around 1-2 months.


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dud bomb

I gave it a chance but I think I already have one of my first Switch regrets: Super Bomberman R. My fifth retail Switch purchase, I bought Super Bomberman R as a co-op game for me and my fiance but she never really liked it. I’m not sure why – we burned a lot of hours back then with Bomberman on DS. She would even play that game on her own.

I don’t know exactly why she doesn’t like it, but I suspect that she doesn’t like the transition from a 2D to a 3D perspective (it does make the game a little more confusing). Whenever we’d play, she’d prefer something else.

I went through Story Mode and was quite bored. I don’t think I ever enjoyed single player Bomberman – most of my enjoyment of the franchise comes from playing deathmatches with buddies. But since I moved, I haven’t had the chance to meet up with my playgroup. They also don’t have their own Switch consoles yet so even if we did meet up, we’d probably play the DS title.

So yeah, I’m sure Super Bomberman R has its fans but I’m not one of them. I may consider selling or trading my copy later on. I gave it a shot and played the game all the way to the end, but it never hooked me the way the DS or even SNES versions did.

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leaving 3d land

Finally, I’m done with Super Mario 3D Land! All stages beat with Mario and Luigi, all Golden flags, and all Star Medals, secret stage unlocked and beat as well!

My final thoughts on the game… some of the levels are just rehashes of the earlier ones, with a few of them repeated twice with a few twists. And the latter stages are too reliant on the Tanooki suit or maybe I’m just not that skilled enough to beat those stages without it.

Also, there’s barely any theme connecting each of the worlds (unlike Super Mario Bros. 3) so while great, the experience isn’t memorable. Yes, I did enjoy 3D Land but I don’t think I’ll remember much of the experience a year from now.

Now that I’m done, I’ve moved on to Super Bomberman R on Switch and will be picking up 3DS games with post main story content like Fire Emblem Echoes and Warriors. Finally, I’m going to start playing my Switch games!

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almost complete

Thanks to the new Field Missions mechanic that Niantic added to Pokemon Go, my Kanto collection is almost complete: I’m now only missing the region exclusives Mr. Mime and Kangaskhan, as well as the EX Raid exclusive Mewtwo. I’m not sure if they will be made available to a casual Pokemon Go player like me, but if Niantic gave the world access to Farfetch’d then I’m hoping for similar events for the other Region Exclusives.

As for my Johto and Hoenn collections, I’ve received the Gold badges for both so I do have a lot of the Pokemon from those regions already, but I’m still very far from having a full collection. Thanks to the recent Rock event, I was able to finally get a Tyrannitar (due to the double walking distance for Buddy Pokemon), an Aggron, a Cradily and Armaldo. I was also saving a few evolutions (gotta evolve by batch using an Experience Egg) so I just recently got myself Crawdaunt, Cacturne, and Vigoroth.

This Water festival is going to help me fill out my Pokedex more – I’m aiming to finally get a Wailord and a Swampert amongst others. So I still have quite a lot to do in this game!

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cosmic clone crap

I’m almost done with Super Mario 3D Land, just working on beating a few more stages (Special Worlds 6-8) in order to get the requirements to unlock the game’s final level. The game is so well-designed, I didn’t need any palate cleansers at all (although I have been playing a few Enter the Gungeon runs and been digging into Pokemon Quest every now and then).

My only complaint are those stages with those shadow Marios, or officially called cosmic clones. I don’t know, those stages feel like lazy game design.

The cosmic clones essentially follow your every movement, down to the speed in which you run. So you’re forced to be in constant motion, because stopping for too long will let the cosmic clone catch you.

I beat those stages eventually, sometimes going back to Special World 1-1 for 1 UPs and the silver leaf power up. Beating those stages may cost me my 3DS’s circle pad – it just feels that the rubber pad has separated itself from the plastic joystick. It hasn’t come off yet, but I can feel the separation in the center. That’s how frantic some of the Special stages are.

I’ll probably be done with Super Mario 3D Land over the weekend, which means I can finally start playing some of my Switch backlog.

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