As one can expect of a Super Smash Bros. fanboy, I got my copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as soon as the malls opened on release day. And in just a couple of days, I’ve already unlocked all the available fighters! Well, not all. I have yet to get the default Mii Gunner and Mii Brawler but I already have custom versions of them (Iron Man and Bruce Lee) so everyone’s icons are now available in the standard Smash Bros. modes!

And yet I know that I have barely scratched the surface of this game. I’ve only managed to unlock 23 fighters in World of Light and I still have half the map to uncover. Then there’s Classic Mode – I know I’m going to have to beat that with every single fighter before I’m satisfied. There are hundreds of Spirits waiting to be collected, and I’m also sure that I’m going to spend a lot of time doing For Glory style two stock bouts against the AI to brush up on my competitive Smash Bros. skills. There are six DLC fighters coming early next year, with the possibility of more being added (just guessing since I haven’t seen any official word on whether the upcoming batch of DLC fighters will be the last ones). So Smash Bros. is certainly going to keep me occupied.

With Paladins, Bayonetta 2, Diablo 3, and Breath of the Wild in my backlog, I don’t think I’ll need to buy games in the next 6-12 months! That is so much playtime!


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threading water

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming out this week, I am hesitant in starting another playthrough because I know that I’ll be spending my video game time with Smash Bros. and/or Paladins, so there’s little sense in adding a third game to the mix.

So in the days leading up to the release of Smash Bros. Ultimate, I’m basically going to be playing Doom or Nine Parchments. Bayonetta is off the list – I had already unlocked Sai Fon and while it was fun to use a nunchuk type weapon, I don’t think I have the patience to get Platinum rank on all Normal stages.

I still have quite a bit to unlock in Nine Parchments – two versions of Trine’s Amadeus and the last version of that ninth wizard whose name escapes me right now (was it Selius?) as well as a couple more hats. And in Doom, I don’t have all of the classic maps unlocked and I have yet to play through any of them. So if I’m not playing Paladins, I’m probably playing those games.

Sheesh. With Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Bayonetta 2, and Diablo 3 in my game library, I don’t think I’ll be buying any new games soon. Too bad – I wanted to play Octopath Traveler and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but it looks like I won’t have time for them.

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done with Brawl

Finally crossed out a game on my Switch backlog – Brawl. The game was hard at first but when the mechanics finally clicked, once I understood how the game’s AI functioned and how each character’s abilities worked, it was a breeze. Now I’m done with all Story Mode missions for all 8 of the game’s characters.

There are still a lot of unlockables that I can work on but… should I really be spending my time on a game that I bought for just a dollar? Or should I move on to something else? I’ve already spent 10 hours on Brawl and I think that’s enough bang for my buck.

My problem though is that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming soon, and I know that I’ll be playing that game a lot. That and Paladins would make it hard for me to play a third game, so I might as well not start any new playthroughs.

I’ve got quite a bit to do anyway. I’m still working on that beat 100 Normal Stages requirement in Bayonetta. I haven’t unlocked all of the secret stages in Doom. I haven’t beaten all of the Story mode stages of Puyo Puyo Tetris. And there’s that list of unlockables in Brawl. So, I probably won’t be crossing out any other game on my backlog list for the foreseeable future.

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misleading title

I don’t really understand why Brawl is titled as such. When I hear or think about the word, I associate it with physical combat so in terms of video game genre, what comes to mind are either fighting games or some sort of beat ’em up variant. But no, Brawl is a Bomberman clone and even in-game, they refer to your main weapon of choice as bombs. You choose between a plethora of horror movie monsters and I guess all of them are pitted against each other in Saw-like games.

Despite being crazy hard, I’ve managed to beat all Story Mode campaigns of three of the game’s eight characters and I’m working on beating the fourth’s, so I’m making some good progress. I’m also still playing a Bayonetta stage every now and then, but I’ve settled on doing mostly stage 4.

Paladins remains to be the biggest distraction, still eating up most of my game time. But at least I’m progressing in my other games. Smash Bros. is coming soon, and that game is probably the last game that I’ll buy for quite some time.

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back to the backlog

After one more push, I decided to quit chasing after the Penta Kill requirement in Paladins – that legendary title wasn’t worth the pressure. So now I’ve toned down my Paladins play and have gone back to learning one Champion per Class as I completed the daily Quests.

That freed up some time to play some of the Nintendo Switch games that I purchased but never really played, first of which is Metropolis Lux Obscura which went by so fast at just 5 hours. I “cheated” a bit by looking up how to get two of the game’s four endings online, but that’s because I just wanted to get it over with. I bought this game simply for its novelty (nudity on a Nintendo system!) so I knew what I was getting.

Now I’m playing Brawl, a Bomberman-clone with a horror theme. Despite negative reviews, I like what I’ve seen so far. Not much to say about this yet other than it’s a Bomberman clone.

And I still play Nine Parchments and Bayonetta on the side; the former because I still have gilded versions of the character to unlock and the latter a final weapon that’s not that tough to get. I should add Doom to this list because I still have a couple of hidden stages to unlock in that game, but I’m afraid I’ve gotten too used to the controls of Paladins that I won’t be able to play Doom properly.

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