super luigi land

Whenever I can, I always take the opportunity to play as Luigi, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that Luigi is a playable character in Super Mario 3D Land.

And yes, me learning about that means I have beaten the game – at least the first eight worlds. Thankfully, the game has a lot more stages to offer, so it looks like I can get 20 hours worth of play from this game.

And I first thought that this was really easy, with me racking up over 80 lives at some point. But no, Super Mario 3D Land is much harder than I thought – I had used up half of my accumulated lives by the time I was done with the first real Bowser boss fight.

I still keep dying, now that I’m playing the special stages, but the game never feels unfair – it throws so many 1 UPs at you, that you’re never in any real danger of a Game Over. This game is truly putting my 3D action platforming skills to the test! Maybe this is a good training ground for when I get Super Mario Odyssey.


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back to 3d land

I want to try if I can beat the post game dungeon of Fire Emblem Echoes and I still have a bunch of History Mode missions to beat in Fire Emblem Warriors but technically speaking, I’ve alteady beaten both games so I’ve decided to set both aside in favor of Super Mario 3D Land.

I was actually already playing 3D Land several months ago, together with Fire Emblem Fates Conquest. But 3D Land was slowing my progress in the latter down, so I dropped it. I barely remember anything about my initial playthrough so I just started a new save file rather than picking up where I previously left off.

You know what? The game has been quite easy so far, I haven’t really faced any big hurdles on my way to W4-4. And I’m working to get all of the Star Medals in each stage.

Right now it looks like it won’t take me a long time to beat this game. After this, I only have Fire Emblem Fates Revelations and Shovel Knight: Spectre of Torment left on my 3DS backlog.

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yo-yo special

Finally, I’m done with the final battle in Fire Emblem Echoes! It was an epic battle, taking me 3 attempts at 20-30 minutes for each one (made the mistake of leaving Alm open to attacks in my first two tries, causing an immediate Game Over). A few spoilery info (not that anyone reads my journal but whatever):

I did not expect that I will not get the chance to train Celica’s army before the final battle. Whoever you brought into the last dungeon of Act 4 will be your units in the final battle. Most of Celica’s troops contributed, but it was Alm’s units that really carried the battle for me. Special mention to Boey and Mae, whose healing powers were vital especially for my end game strategy.

Bow wielding units are so awesome in this game. I’ve been leaning hard on them – Tobin, Python and Leon – especially against bosses, either chipping away at their health or causing quick two hit assassinations. And it was the same here, with Tobin sniping away at the enemy lieutenants. Once that was done, I was able to maneuver Alm in for the win.

And speaking of maneuvers, I ended up relying on a cheesy tactic that I’ve been using since my Heroclix playing days: the yo-yo maneuver. The move involves sending a powerful unit towards the opposing army, attacking with the said unit, and then teleporting that unit back into friendly territory and to safety. So my last couple of moves were to Warp Alm within range of the final boss, have him attack, then cast Rescue on Alm and deploy my remaining healers. Rinse and repeat until the final boss is killed.

I loved playing Fire Emblem Echoes so much, I’m probably going to take on the post ending stages before I consider this ticked off in my backlogs.

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final act

I’m finally in the middle of what appears to be the final act of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and I’m glad I gave this game a chance. Even if it is a stepback in terms of gameplay mechanics, Fire Emblem Echoes is a great Fire Emblem game. I don’t miss the waifu system, the main character customization, the castle… how could anyone miss that when you have such a compelling storyline to keep you occupied?

Alm and Celica are now among my favorite Fire Emblem characters (Alm almost gave Ike a run for his money) and are now my favorite romantic Fire Emblem couple (more than the Chrom/Robin bromance).

Playing Fire Emblem Echoes has now made me quite excited about the next Fire Emblem; hopefully, we’ll hear more about that during next month’s E3.

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good mew-ning

I thought I needed to complete another tier of requirements (it said 7/8 in the last batch) but when I met the last requirement in the seventh tier, I was rewarded with an encounter with Mew!

Catching the famous Pokemon meas that I’m only missing Articuno (should be the seven day Field Research next month), Mewtwo (maybe a future Research reward?) and the region exclusives Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime from the Gen 1 Pokemon.

I was going to quit Pokemon Go but I keep getting good opportunities to fill up my collection. It looks like that hasn’t stopped, so I’ll probably keep playing this game.

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