maximum cardage

After months of playing the game, I’ve finally maxed out a card in Clash Royale. Yes, it’s just a Common card, and no it’s neither the Royal Giant nor the Elite Barbarians, both popular cards in the game. I maxed out Zap.

It’s not a win condition but a maxed Zap is quite handy against a lot of popular cards. I can take out an entire Minion Horde with it (Level 11 and below) and I have yet to face anyone with a Goblin Barrel that’s strong enough to withstand my Zap. Heck, it can kill a level 1 Princess – not very common, but you take the wins that you can get.

This upgrade is not a game changer for me, but it does make some matchups easier. On to the next upgrade!

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zero escape final chapter

I just beat Plague of Shadows yesterday. I kind of rushed the last couple of stages but still did my best to complete all those Cipher Coins (I got 100%). I loved Shovel Knight and there’s still a bunch of stuff I can do in the game, but I’m saving that for later. I mean, I just played the single player campaign of Super Mario Maker and followed that up with Shovel Knight – too much platforming for me now.

I’ve been craving for a game with a deeper, more complex storyline. Rather than pull the trigger on an RPG, I decided to go for Zero Time Dilemma instead. And I’m ready for the finale to the Zero Escape series.

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activity log – 201705

Last month, my top three most frequently played 3DS games were:

1. Fire Emblem Fates Conquest (25:51) – Despite not making much progress, this game still took up a lot of my play time. Yeah, those 25 hours were mostly spent on Boo Camp grinding.

2. Shovel Knight (19:44) – This game has already taken almost 20 hours and I’m still not done with it! I’m 70% through with the Plague of Shadows DLC, and there’s still that Specter of Torment one to go.

3. Super Mario Maker (5:26) – Didn’t think I spent that much time on this game. I’m not really in the mood to create my own levels though so I don’t think I’ll be playing much more of this game any time soon.

And that’s it for my Activity Log in May. I wonder what games I’ll end up playing this month.

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out of the box

So what did I get from my Legendary Chest? Did I get a Night Witch? No. I got my second copy of Princess. Not too shabby, but there was a time when Princess was more useful than she is now. I mean, with The Log coming to prominence and alternatives like Dart Goblin added to the game, the Princess is no longer what she once was.

Still, I could have gotten my third Lumberjack. Or my fourth Sparky. A second Princess is still useful (Level 2 Princess on ladder) so I’m not complaining.

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the night witch cometh

Finally, the Night Witch has been officially released and I can now free up that chest slot that my Legendary Chest has been occupying for more than two weeks now.

I remember reading about saving Legendary and Super Magical Chests until the release of a new Legendary card; but I forgot what it said. I’m not sure if the contents of a chest are determined when you get them or when they open; if the former is true then my Legendary chest does not have a Night Witch.

At the end of the day, opening my Legendary chest before the release of the Night Witch guarantees that I won’t get it from that chest. Waiting for it gives me that small chance. And all it cost me is one less chest slot for the last two weeks. So it’s all good.

Tomorrow, I’ll see what my Legendary Chest has. Night Witch is number one, but I’d be happy with an Electro Wizard, Princess, Lava Hound or Ice Wizard as well.

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