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five kilometers

I can’t believe it, but I’m finally here – one candy away from evolving my Dragonair into a Dragonite. I wrote about changing my buddy Pokemon from Kadabra to Dragonair last April 9, so it’s been more than two months of walking and travelling just to earn those candies.

Perfect timing too as I got loads of Fire and Ice Pokemon from the previous event that’s waiting to get evolved. The new Gym mechanics also enforce variety of strong Pokemon, so adding a Dragonite to my collection will help me a lot. Can’t believe I’m still here, still playing Pokemon Go, but here I am.

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Imagine yourself buying (with your hard earned Poke Coins) a set of three incubators, for hatching 10km eggs. Imagine using one of those incubators for a 10km egg waiting in your inventory. Imagine walking 10km across several days. Imagine your 10km egg hatching an effing Gligar.

I’ve hatched 5 or more Gligar from 10km eggs already!!! It doesn’t evolve (currently) into anything, it’s not strong enough to defend Gyms nor beat Gym defenders. I don’t know why Niantic put this Pokemon into 10km eggs and why it seems to be so common. Walking 10km is no joke, getting a Gligar out of all that effort is pretty disappointing.


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let’s rock

So far, almost every time I start to get tired of Pokemon Go, when I stop pulling it up while traveling, Niantic manages to draw me back in with a special event. I thought that short and subpar Grass type event was a sign that Niantic wouldn’t launch events that would really draw me. And just in time, as if on cue, they do this Rock-type event. And I’m excited again.

I mean, we’re talking about Rock-type ‘mon here. Prior to this event, I’ve only seen an Onix in the wild once – now it’s all over the place. Same with Kabuto. And while Rhyhorn is a little more common, it’s evolved version is top-tier so I have another crack at getting a Rhydon with better moves than what I already have. I didn’t even know Shuckle was Rock-type and that it was part of Gen 2 so I was surprised to catch one in the wild.

On top of the better (from my perspective; it differs per locale of course) selection of ‘Mon, this event also comes with a faster Buddy Pokemon candy rate – quite timely because I’ve been stuck with my Dragonair buddy for more than a month now. This event will help me get my first ever Dragonite faster.

So yeah, I hope I get the chance to do a bit more walking this weekend. I hope I get more of Kabuto and Onix, and more miles of course. Thank you for making up for that boring Grass event, Niantic!

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going green

So we’re getting a Grass-type special event in Pokemon Go… I guess it’s better than nothing? If anything, this is a good sign – that Water event that ran around a month ago wasn’t a one-off.

I checked the list of Grass-types and aside from a high IV Chikorita, I don’t really need any other Pokemon. Maybe it’s a good time to get another strong Exeggutor?

Again, it’s better than nothing. And if the trend keeps up, we have a Fire event coming up. Now that’s something to look forward to – I gotta get me some Cyndaquils and hopefully some Houndours as well.

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level 30

I finally made it to Level 30 in Pokemon Go and it only took me around five weeks to do so. I think that’s pretty fast, considering that I only play this game casually. So, on with the stats:

  • I’ve caught 5,838 Pokemon (from 4,888)
  • I’ve hatched 251 eggs (from 212)
  • I’ve evolved 428 Pokemon (from 347)
  • I’ve caught 187 different kinds of Pokemon (from 166)
  • I’ve seen 205 different kinds of Pokemon (from 185)
  • I’ve won 373 gym battles (from 299)
  • I’ve trained 359 times (from 327)

The Level 30 rewards are amazing! Three 3-use Incubators, three Lucky Eggs, three Incense, three Lure Modules, and a bunch more. My 450-slot item bag was barely full before the level up; now I have 537 items in it (this’ll give me trouble as I won’t be able to spin Pokestops).

That’s about it. Can’t wait to see how long it’ll take to get to the next level.

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