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more gli-garbage

Earlier today, I hatched a 5km egg in Pokemon Go and to my astonishment, it was a Gligar. An effing Gligar!!!

I had gotten maybe 3-5 Gligars from 10km eggs in the past so I feel that I got ripped off – I mean, I got a 5km Pokemon from a 10km egg! More than once!!!

I haven’t looked into it, haven’t checked if Niantic changed up all the egg contents. It’s annoying, but whatever. At least, if Niantic did move Gligar from 10km to 5km eggs, then I have a better chance at getting something good on my next 10km egg.



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solo raider

This new Raid mechanic in Pokemon Go is awesome! Not only does it give me the chance to capture rare/uncommon (in my area) Pokemon like Quilava, they’re also high IV (from my experience) and you get those Fast and Charged TM items as well!

Recently, I had the chance to get one such Quilava and failed but knowing that there will be more chances later on is good enough. Just today, I beat and caught a Muk (so rare in my area) and got my first ever Charged TM! That’s plus one to my Pokedex and I was able to fix my Snorlax, who now has Hyper Beam instead of weak ass Earthquake.

I also discovered that my team of Pokes are strong enough to beat Level 3 Raids without the help of other players. I guess thats the sad part in all this – I don’t know anyone else who still plays the game, which essentially seals my fate as a solo Gym Raider. Too bad that this update came too late.

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So my excitement about how easier it is to earn coins in Pokemon Go was misguided – turns out there’s a daily cap of 50 coins per day, and I had to learn about it through experience. I’m not complaining though; 50 coins a day is so much more than I could ever get via the old Gym system, and I’m happy to earn that much this easily. Not to mention the added way of getting Stardust (sure beats having to toss extra berries for nothing).

I understand how other people, those who could easily get 100 coins a day via the old system, could feel bad about the change. Maybe there can be a happy middle ground wherein players could get 50 coins a day and exceed that up to a hundred with some extra effort, like it has to be earned via different Gyms at a slower rate.

But yeah, I’m earning more coins that I could ever have in the old system. This Gym revamp is a much needed shot-in-the-arm for Pokemon Go.

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too good to be true

The previous way of gaining coins in Pokemon Go was bad (10 coins per Gym defended, claim once per 21 hours) but the new method is insanely broken. All you need is to defend a Gym for 10 minutes and you get a coin! That’s 6 coins per hour, 72 coins in half a day!

Prior to the Gym revamp, I only had 70 coins in my account. Earlier, I had 165. I had a defender sit on a Gym for around 7 hours (perks of working the night shift) and ended up earning 42 freaking coins. Now I’ve got 216 total, with my strongest Gyarados parked at a Gym near my office for almost 7 hours now. I’m probably going to end up with a total of 258 coins by the time I leave the office, maybe even more. That’s broken! Whose going to pay money to buy coins now?

I’m not really complaining, of course. I’m going to milk this as much as I can; I don’t see this going unchanged for long. It’s simply too rewarding.

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level 31

I hit Level 31 a few minutes ago. I’m out and about though so I can’t check my current statistics. The time between levels is also so long that I’m no longer interested in checking how far I’ve progressed since my previous level up.

What’s notable now is I didn’t even have to do my planned batch evolution with a Lucky Egg so there’s a big bunch of XP waiting to boost me right at the start of Level 31. I think it’ll still take me months before I hit Level 32 though.

It’s all good. I’m not in any rush to level up any way. The Gym update rejuvenated Pokemon Go enough for me, I’ve got other Pokemon to walk after I’m done with my Dragonair, so it’s all good.

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