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region exclusives

Despite knowing that my ability to play Pokemon Go will be extremely limited by the end of the month (I can try it on my Android phone), I still haven’t stopped playing it. Which gave me the chance to catch two U.S. region exclusive Pokemon on my quick business trip: Tauros and Plusle!

Actually, I don’t know if I’m still going to continue playing after my phone becomes obsolete. I’ve been considering quitting, with me evolving what I can so I can fill out my Pokedex as much as possible. Not everyone gets to travel outside of their region so I’m happy to have caught myself a Plusle and two Tauros.


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pokemon gone

So Niantic just announced that Pokemon Go will no longer support any iOS devices that cannot upgrade to iOS 11. That essentially means that I’m quitting the game altogether – I’m not willing to upgrade/replace my phone just to play Pokemon Go.

I feel a little bad about this. I mean, I’ve invested time and effort in the game despite being a casual player and it gave me something interesting to do when I’m out and about, and now I won’t be able to do that any more. I kind of understand this; “kind of” because I’m still wondering if there really wasn’t a way to make the game still playable on my iPhone 5c, just lock me out of whatever new feature they’re planning to add.

Whatever the case, I will no longer be able to play the game soon, and that’s that. Maybe I’ll be able to play it again later on; maybe I’ll end up wanting to upgrade eventually. Oh well.

Thank goodness I got a Sudowudo from my last 10km egg; I’d probably feel a little worse if I had gotten something good. I hope my account doesn’t get deleted so that there’s a door to returning back to the game that’s still open.

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gen 3

It’s been a long while since I’ve encountered a new Pokemon so I’m glad that Niantic is introducing part of Gen 3 into Pokemon Go. I look forward to pulling up the app again to see what Pokemon are available within my vicinity. I still see a lot of known Pokemon but occasionally seeing one I’ve never caught before is refreshing. Its also good timing – I just collected enough Machop candies to evolve one into a Machamp, and the only other Pokemon I needed candies for is Togepi, so having new Pokemon to collect candies for is great. Will I ever get tired enough of this game to completely quit? The game requires so little effort and fits so well into my daily back and forth between work and home. I’ll probably only quit if there is a massive mobile data problem that prevents me from playing.

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more gli-garbage

Earlier today, I hatched a 5km egg in Pokemon Go and to my astonishment, it was a Gligar. An effing Gligar!!!

I had gotten maybe 3-5 Gligars from 10km eggs in the past so I feel that I got ripped off – I mean, I got a 5km Pokemon from a 10km egg! More than once!!!

I haven’t looked into it, haven’t checked if Niantic changed up all the egg contents. It’s annoying, but whatever. At least, if Niantic did move Gligar from 10km to 5km eggs, then I have a better chance at getting something good on my next 10km egg.


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solo raider

This new Raid mechanic in Pokemon Go is awesome! Not only does it give me the chance to capture rare/uncommon (in my area) Pokemon like Quilava, they’re also high IV (from my experience) and you get those Fast and Charged TM items as well!

Recently, I had the chance to get one such Quilava and failed but knowing that there will be more chances later on is good enough. Just today, I beat and caught a Muk (so rare in my area) and got my first ever Charged TM! That’s plus one to my Pokedex and I was able to fix my Snorlax, who now has Hyper Beam instead of weak ass Earthquake.

I also discovered that my team of Pokes are strong enough to beat Level 3 Raids without the help of other players. I guess thats the sad part in all this – I don’t know anyone else who still plays the game, which essentially seals my fate as a solo Gym Raider. Too bad that this update came too late.

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