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almost complete

Thanks to the new Field Missions mechanic that Niantic added to Pokemon Go, my Kanto collection is almost complete: I’m now only missing the region exclusives Mr. Mime and Kangaskhan, as well as the EX Raid exclusive Mewtwo. I’m not sure if they will be made available to a casual Pokemon Go player like me, but if Niantic gave the world access to Farfetch’d then I’m hoping for similar events for the other Region Exclusives.

As for my Johto and Hoenn collections, I’ve received the Gold badges for both so I do have a lot of the Pokemon from those regions already, but I’m still very far from having a full collection. Thanks to the recent Rock event, I was able to finally get a Tyrannitar (due to the double walking distance for Buddy Pokemon), an Aggron, a Cradily and Armaldo. I was also saving a few evolutions (gotta evolve by batch using an Experience Egg) so I just recently got myself Crawdaunt, Cacturne, and Vigoroth.

This Water festival is going to help me fill out my Pokedex more – I’m aiming to finally get a Wailord and a Swampert amongst others. So I still have quite a lot to do in this game!


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good mew-ning

I thought I needed to complete another tier of requirements (it said 7/8 in the last batch) but when I met the last requirement in the seventh tier, I was rewarded with an encounter with Mew!

Catching the famous Pokemon meas that I’m only missing Articuno (should be the seven day Field Research next month), Mewtwo (maybe a future Research reward?) and the region exclusives Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime from the Gen 1 Pokemon.

I was going to quit Pokemon Go but I keep getting good opportunities to fill up my collection. It looks like that hasn’t stopped, so I’ll probably keep playing this game.

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toughest toss

When I saw the seventh tier of research requirements for unlocking Mew, I thought that I would never be able to accomplish all of them. The hardest one: to catch a Pokemon with an Excellent Curveball toss.

An Excellent toss is already hard enough to do; you need to toss your Pokeball with the right force and at the right time to make sure that it goes the right distance and hits the Pokemon with the “circle” at just the right size. To do all that while trying for a Curveball too? Ever since we’ve gotten bonuses for “toss quality”, I’ve only ever gotten a successful Excellent Curveball once. It is so hard to do, I can still remember the first and only time I had done it.

Of course, it’s not impossible. I managed to finally do it yesterday, after several days of trying it. I don’t even know what I did right – I just kept trying, and eventually I did it. So one of the hardest Mew research tasks is done; I can’t wait to see what awaits me in the eighth and final tier of requirements.

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ain’t dead yet

For a game that supposedly no one plays anymore (at least that’s what the people around me are saying), Pokemon Go is popular enough that I ended up doing a raid with two other strangers at 7 AM. Three people, playing Pokemon Go at the same time and location! It’s not as popular as before (no other mobile game will reach the highs that Pokemon Go reached), but this just shows that the game remains to be popular enough.

Oh! And finally, Zapdos is now the 7 day task reward! With Gyarados and Zapdos in my collection, the only Gen 1 Pokemon that I’m missing are Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime.

I’m okay with needing to wait a full month before getting a new Legendary Pokemon, for as long as I have the opportunity to get them all. Pokemon Go, and Pokemon in general, is all about “catching ’em all” so there’s no real point to playing the game if you aren’t given the opportubity to “catch ’em all”. I’m glad Niantic realized this and gave other options to collect all Pokemon before the game truly dies.

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legendary update

I was happy about the latest update for Pokemon Go – I thought the idea of objective-based achievements should have been there from the beginning or at least implemented within the first year. With Pokedexes filled out, catching the same Pokemon over and over would just get old (and it has, for most of those who have already quit). These missions, referred to in-game as Field Research, would be something specific to do and would have small rewards.

When I saw news reports that the reward after seven days of completing at least one Field Research per day would be the chance to catch a Legendary Pokemon, I couldn’t believe it. Really? I thought those were exclusive to raids and had given up on even getting Legendaries completely.

Turns out that the news reports were real. Today is the 7th such day that I completed at least one Field Research, and my reward was a Moltres encounter! And it took me three Goldeb Raspberries but I managed to add Moltres to my Pokedex! That puts me at 306 different kinds of Pokemon caught and 342 kinds seen.

I’m glad I stuck around, because now I can potentially collect almost every Pokemon kind that’s not region-exclusive.


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