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for one or for all

And I thought, after the first two sidequests, that it couldn’t possibly get harder but it did! I am on the third sidequest of Bravely Second and my goodness, even just from a story perspective I can not make a decision!

I don’t know if this is truly by design, but both choices have their pros and cons, their justifications and their flaws. I’ve tried selecting either choice and when the game tries to confirm my decision, I end up backpedalling. Essentially, my choice revolves around benefitting the majority while sacrificing the sentiments of the few, or not allowing that sacrifice, possibly losing another opportunity for the majority to improve themselves.

Then again, this is just a game. Not something to lose sleep over. I know that (I was accidentally spoiled) I will somehow get back to this point and choose the other option later on so I’ll just choose what’s more beneficial for me gameplay-wise.

Kudos to whoever wrote this subquest for making it a truly tough decision!

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tough choices

Bravely Second’s side quests have given me really tough choices so far. Basically, they involve having to choose between two sides, both have valid and invalid points. You also end up with one of the Bravely Default asterisks, losing access to the other.

Its been extra difficult for me because for some reason, my preferred choice in terms of story hasn’t aligned with my preferred asterisk. And because this is my first playthrough, I’ve been choosing plot versus gameplay, ending up with asterisks that I don’t want.

I’ve only done two of these side quests so far, so I hope this isn’t the case for the entire game.

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