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bravely second end

Can’t believe I’ve been gone for more than half a month! Its been really busy lately at work and I haven’t been able to spend time on my 3DS until recently. I used that time to finally beat Bravely Second.

Bravely Second is in many ways an improvement over the first game but I feel that Bravely Default had a much better end game story. I think its because the subplot involving the real villains didn’t get enough time – once you find out who you’re really up against, you’re almost at the final battle already.

Its still a great game though, filling out a lot of gaps in Bravely Default’s story and giving us a glimpse of how the first game’s characters grew over the years. 

Now that I’m done with it, I’m going back to earning Support Conversations in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and will start my first playthrough of Metroid: Samus Returns. Can’t wait!


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job hunting

I didn’t feel like I had significant progress in Bravely Second because I’ve been chasing after the remaining job classes in the game and earlier today, I finally got all the asterisks. 

That doesn’t mean that my sidequesting is over though – the last job that I got which I will not name to avoid spoilers, requires quite a bit of hunting before I can maximize it’s potential. It’s kind of similar to the Summoner, wherein you need to beat it’s different summons in battle in order to “forge a contract” with them.

Once I’m done with this, I can finally focus on beating the game – and it’s about time! I’ve been playing Bravely games for around two months now and I need a change of pace. I’ve got Blaster Master Zero, Metroid: Samus Returns, Corpse Party, and Super Mario 3D Land waiting.

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bad choices

Usually I prefer not getting spoiled – movies, TV shows, books, and video games. For video games though, there are times when I wish I had gotten spoiled; I wish I had known about certain details of a game before I had made progress in it, like that Save Point trap in Super Metroid: a spot in the game where if you save, there’s no going back.

It’s the same case with Bravely Second. I knew that the game would repeat itself in some way but had no idea how. So when I did the side quests, I was going for the best choice at that moment. 

Yes, the game did repeat itself and I was given another run at the side quests but now, what I’m left with are the choices that I didn’t take – the ones that were bad. Granted, not all of the side quest outcomes are bad, but I didn’t choose them for a reason. Had I known about how Bravely Second would “repeat”, I would have chosen otherwise.

Not that it matters, as these side quest outcomes don’t have any impact on the main storyline nor on gameplay. But Bravely Second is an RPG and is story-driven, so I’m a little peeved by the fact that my new choices are shaping a less than ideal fantasy world.

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trivial choices

After writing about and lauding Bravely Second for forcing me to choose between really tough choices, the game started giving me scenarios that are quite trivial. I went from choosing between providing the poor with water or advancing technology to choosing between being a private investigator or a police inspector, from solving the economic needs of a country or the sentimental issues of an orphan and her grandfather to choosing between making a school coed or women only. From training a potential monster slayer or feeding stranded people to deciding whether a long lost song should be kept in its original form or remade into a contemporary pop hit. Huh???

I guess the change in tone is jarring and while the dialogue is still well-written, the lack of seriousness does take me out of the experience. I think there are only a handful of subquestd left; I hope some of them can challenge my decision making in the same way the first couple of subquests did.

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for one or for all

And I thought, after the first two sidequests, that it couldn’t possibly get harder but it did! I am on the third sidequest of Bravely Second and my goodness, even just from a story perspective I can not make a decision!

I don’t know if this is truly by design, but both choices have their pros and cons, their justifications and their flaws. I’ve tried selecting either choice and when the game tries to confirm my decision, I end up backpedalling. Essentially, my choice revolves around benefitting the majority while sacrificing the sentiments of the few, or not allowing that sacrifice, possibly losing another opportunity for the majority to improve themselves.

Then again, this is just a game. Not something to lose sleep over. I know that (I was accidentally spoiled) I will somehow get back to this point and choose the other option later on so I’ll just choose what’s more beneficial for me gameplay-wise.

Kudos to whoever wrote this subquest for making it a truly tough decision!

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