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19 down 21 to go

I’ve been making steady progress in Metroid: Samus Returns. Not as fast as the earlier areas in terms of racking up the needed Metroid kills but that’s to be expected.

As I’m getting more energy tanks, I’ve been relying less and less on the special amiibo energy tank, but it is still a good safety net for me in case I become a little careless.

I’m aiming for 100% completion – I don’t think I’m good enough to try for a speed run. It looks like I’ll beat this game before the end of the month.


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14 down 26 to go

I’ve been making steady progress in Metroid: Samus Returns and I can’t help but say this again – I’m glad that I bought the Zero Suit Samus amiibo because the energy tank that it unlocks has saved me from a restart several times already.

It is more powerful than a normal energy tank in that it is equivalent to three full tanks but the drawback is you can only refill it via an enery refilling station and not through the energy powerups that enemies drop. A good compromise, in my opinion.

The Metroid battles have been getting tougher as can be expected. Samus Returns is shaping up to become one of those games that I’d like to replay every now and then.

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6 down 34 to go

Even if this was my newest game and I had other titles waiting for me on my backlog, I opted to play the hew hotness that is Metroid: Samus Returns. People have been saying that it’s a short game and that its a game worth playing through more than once so I started my playthrough hoping that I’d beat it in time for Halloween (perfect for starting my Corpse Party playthrough).

I’ve already beaten 6 out of 40 Metroids so far and all I can say is this game is awesome. Controls aren’t as intuitive (try aiming your missiles in the middle of a Metroid fight) but I think the developers did the best they could with the 3DS hardware. I AM GLAD that I picked up that Zero Suit Samus amiibo a couple of months back; the extra energy tank is literally a lifesaver, helping me minimize the number of do-overs I would have needed to do.

I never really played the 2D Metroid games until recently; Samus Returns is an awesome follow up to Metroid Fusion and Super Metroid. This is proof that 2D style Metroidvania games have a place in the current era of video games.

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bravely second end

Can’t believe I’ve been gone for more than half a month! Its been really busy lately at work and I haven’t been able to spend time on my 3DS until recently. I used that time to finally beat Bravely Second.

Bravely Second is in many ways an improvement over the first game but I feel that Bravely Default had a much better end game story. I think its because the subplot involving the real villains didn’t get enough time – once you find out who you’re really up against, you’re almost at the final battle already.

Its still a great game though, filling out a lot of gaps in Bravely Default’s story and giving us a glimpse of how the first game’s characters grew over the years. 

Now that I’m done with it, I’m going back to earning Support Conversations in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and will start my first playthrough of Metroid: Samus Returns. Can’t wait!

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fire emblem fever

I don’t know why but I just can’t stop playing Fire Emblem Heroes or doing something related to it like checking tier lists, character builds and IV stat stuff. Maybe it’s because its still relatively new to me, unlike something like Clash Royale which I’ve been playing for more than a year using the same deck.

I think it has something to do with the developers always giving me something to do right now. We have the second Tempest Trials since I started (that’s two within a thirty day period) and maybe the third or fourth Grand Hero Battle event. I’ve experienced two rounds of Sacred Seals events and a voting Gauntlet (which Ike, my favorite Fire Emblem character, won). 

And during these events, I’ve been getting lots of good in-game stuff. I haven’t gotten a good 5 star hero for quite some time now but I don’t mind because I’ve been getting other things – a spare Lon’qu which gave me the Vantage 3 skill that I’ve been wanting, extra Roys for Triangle Advantage, several Henrys for Ignis, and not to mention all these Sacred Seals. We all had the chance to get the Black Knight (Ike’s archnemesis) – a free top tier hero if you’re willing to grind.

This game is awesome. No wonder that this is Nintendo’s top grossing game. Several big 3DS releases, a spin-off on the Switch and 3DS to come, and now a successful mobile game. Fire Emblem has now become one of Nintendo’s top properties.

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