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region exclusives

Despite knowing that my ability to play Pokemon Go will be extremely limited by the end of the month (I can try it on my Android phone), I still haven’t stopped playing it. Which gave me the chance to catch two U.S. region exclusive Pokemon on my quick business trip: Tauros and Plusle!

Actually, I don’t know if I’m still going to continue playing after my phone becomes obsolete. I’ve been considering quitting, with me evolving what I can so I can fill out my Pokedex as much as possible. Not everyone gets to travel outside of their region so I’m happy to have caught myself a Plusle and two Tauros.


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so casual about it

Again, I am faced with such a difficult chapter in Fire Emblem Fates Conquest. I mean, this is seriously difficult and maybe even borderline unfair. I’m already using super powered recruits that I got from castle raids and I’ve already upped the level cap on the Nohr siblings and yet my troops are still getting OHKOed so easily (one hit KO). Or killed in two consecutive hits. (To clarify – getting past the missions with ZERO casualties is difficult).

I’m considering lowering the difficulty again, or maybe even switching permadeath off, but the Fire Emblem vet in me is still refusing to do so. I did a Google search on the game though, just to see if I’m the only one who is having such a hard time and came across an article that is kind of justifying why it’s okay to turn permadeath off.

You see, I have a full time job. A job that sometimes requires more than the usual work hours from me. A job that, in recent months, has required more than the usual more frequently. So I don’t have that much free time to keep repeating missions because my characters keep dying. And I can’t view the game’s complete ending if I don’t keep all of my characters alive so I can’t just let my recruits die.

Its really very painful to play a Conquest mission for an hour or more, only to get hit by something totally random or even just to make a mistake, get someone killed, and then needing to do a hard reset and lose an hour’s worth of progress – or simply not get the full ending later on.

I still have not given into the desire to switch modes. But I’m very close to doing it – I’ve got a huge backlog of unplayed titles and I’d like to finally move on to a new game.

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good parenting

Finally! I have all the Support Conversations between parents and their children in my playthrough of Fire Emblem Fates Conquest! It took a while and lots of castle raiding but I got it done. Now all I need are the Support Conversations between the children and the main character and then I can focus on beating the final two chapters of the game.

Between my Birthright and Conquest playthroughs, I’ve spent 350+ hours of gameplay on this game. And I have yet to start my Revelations playthrough!

I’m really starting to consider doing a Casual run of Revelations; I’ve spent such a long time on this game already and I want to allocate my time among my other 3DS games. It’s too early to say though, let’s see what I decide to do once I’m ready to start.

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my rookie career

After almost a month of owning a Switch, I was finally able to update NBA 2K18 and doing that made the game much more playable for me. The update had several bug fixes and updated rosters, but also unlocked all the necessary features. Now, I’m able to adjust the game’s difficulty according to my skill level and the game is no longer annoying to play.

A bonus: I didn’t know that 2K18 had one of my favorite teams of all time – the ’97-’98 Utah Jazz. Being able to play as that team brought be back to the days wherein I was really into NBA video games.

Whew, I’m a little worried now. I’m so excited to play my Switch games but I still have a 3DS backlog. I hope I won’t end up dropping the 3DS like how I just gave up on my Nintendo Wii.

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pokemon gone

So Niantic just announced that Pokemon Go will no longer support any iOS devices that cannot upgrade to iOS 11. That essentially means that I’m quitting the game altogether – I’m not willing to upgrade/replace my phone just to play Pokemon Go.

I feel a little bad about this. I mean, I’ve invested time and effort in the game despite being a casual player and it gave me something interesting to do when I’m out and about, and now I won’t be able to do that any more. I kind of understand this; “kind of” because I’m still wondering if there really wasn’t a way to make the game still playable on my iPhone 5c, just lock me out of whatever new feature they’re planning to add.

Whatever the case, I will no longer be able to play the game soon, and that’s that. Maybe I’ll be able to play it again later on; maybe I’ll end up wanting to upgrade eventually. Oh well.

Thank goodness I got a Sudowudo from my last 10km egg; I’d probably feel a little worse if I had gotten something good. I hope my account doesn’t get deleted so that there’s a door to returning back to the game that’s still open.

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