more gli-garbage

Earlier today, I hatched a 5km egg in Pokemon Go and to my astonishment, it was a Gligar. An effing Gligar!!!

I had gotten maybe 3-5 Gligars from 10km eggs in the past so I feel that I got ripped off – I mean, I got a 5km Pokemon from a 10km egg! More than once!!!

I haven’t looked into it, haven’t checked if Niantic changed up all the egg contents. It’s annoying, but whatever. At least, if Niantic did move Gligar from 10km to 5km eggs, then I have a better chance at getting something good on my next 10km egg.



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4 responses to “more gli-garbage

  1. 3 of my last 5 10ks have been gligars, but yesterday my friend opened 9 10ks and didn’t get one.

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