impulse buy

It was a perfect storm of variables. Nintendo announcing the amiibo functionality of Metroid: Samus Returns. Me owning a copy of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. A surprise sale of Zero Suit Samus amiibo (at around $3.75-$4.00 per figure). Me getting extended at work yesterday. All these events aligned, so now I’m the proud owner of a Zero Suit Samus figurine.

There’s a slight feel of regret, but it goes away as soon as I remember that this figurine cost me just $4.00, and that it works with two games that I own (Super Smash Bros. is the other one).

The novelty of AI-controlled fighters in Super Smash Bros. no longer appeals to me. Meanwhile, the Zero Suit paint job in Federation Force doesn’t seem to be as useful as the regular armored Samus paint job (double slow beam vs double missiles). But the in-game advantage that it offers in Samus Returns is huge – it gives you an energy tank that automatically replenishes Samus’ health. I’m not sure how many times this can work; if it’s once per day then it’ll really be helpful. And it also unlocks the Sound Test which I prefer over the exclusive art that the other amiibo unlock.

So, $4.00 for in-game advantages in two Metroid games? I have a decent looking plastic figurine for display? Worth it.


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