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This past weekend, I realized that I’ve gone through several games already and have barely made any progress in Fire Emblem Fates Conquest – I play it occasionally, grinding on Boo Camp and collecting gold, but I’ve been stuck on the same stage and have not gotten any S rank Support Conversations yet. So I made it a point to shift my focus back to this game and move a couple of steps forward.

After five attempts, I finally made it past Chapter 23 with only one casualty, Ike (Fire Emblem amiibo are awesome). It was an acceptable loss as I could spend Gold to recruit him again, which I did. Before falling in battle, he had levelled up twice to 25 and he gained his Aether skill (I was wondering why he didn’t have this).

Now I have clear goals for this game: Get all Support Conversations to Rank A, partner up everyone and start recruiting their children. These are goals that I can work on with spurts of playtime, so I won’t need to put a halt on my Bravely Second playthrough.


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