boss rush match four and five

The next match in the asterisk boss gauntlet of Bravely Default was a little underwhelming, especially coming after the previous one. This group consisted of a Vampire, an Arcanist, a Red Mage, and a Spell Fencer. The main strategy of the group is to overwhelm you with a barrage of status ailments like Poison, Charm, Sleep, Fear, and Death. This should have been harder had it not for accessories and skills that negated status ailments – having the proper setup made this fight a breeze.

The next and last match is a little harder to describe. The group consisted of a Templar, Hunter, Time Mage and Spirit Master. The Templar provided defense, the Time Mage and Hunter used spells and skills that damaged the group, and the Spirit Master provided healing and support. The previous matches prepared me well for this bout but while I didn’t lose the match, it took me a long time to win.

Again, despite the pacing issues of the game in terms of the plot, Bravely Default did a great job in developing and giving exposure to the asterisk bosses. They’re so memorable, their appearances in Bravely Second are great fanservice.


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