boss rush match three and four

What a rush! I just beat matches three and four of that final asterisk boss sequences in Bravely Default and despite playing on Easy mode, I had a lot of trouble beating both groups!

The third group consisted of a Performer (modern version of a Bard), a Pirate, a Monk and a Dark Knight. The Pirate and Monk did the heavy damage, single target physical attacks while the Dark Knight did heavy damage group attacks. The Performer provided whatever support was needed – stat boosts, BP gain, etc. I lost this fight twice before I figured out a winning strategy.

The fourth match was against a Conjurer, Black Mage, Summoner, and Salve (potion) Maker. This bout was brutal – I lost three times, all on one hit KOs for my entire party.

I love that both matches couldn’t have been won through sheer brute force; a strategy was really needed in order to come out on top. This is where Bravely Default’s awesome battle mechanics and job system shines. Two more asterisk boss battles to go!


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