solo raider

This new Raid mechanic in Pokemon Go is awesome! Not only does it give me the chance to capture rare/uncommon (in my area) Pokemon like Quilava, they’re also high IV (from my experience) and you get those Fast and Charged TM items as well!

Recently, I had the chance to get one such Quilava and failed but knowing that there will be more chances later on is good enough. Just today, I beat and caught a Muk (so rare in my area) and got my first ever Charged TM! That’s plus one to my Pokedex and I was able to fix my Snorlax, who now has Hyper Beam instead of weak ass Earthquake.

I also discovered that my team of Pokes are strong enough to beat Level 3 Raids without the help of other players. I guess thats the sad part in all this – I don’t know anyone else who still plays the game, which essentially seals my fate as a solo Gym Raider. Too bad that this update came too late.


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