I haven’t been getting that many Street pass tags recently, so I think the popularity of the 3DS (in my country at least) has been waning. In preparation for my Bravely Second playthrough, I downloaded the Bravely Second demo on both my 2DS and New 3DS XL. For the latter, I plan on playing it all the way to the end so I can get the bonuses. The former is simply for StreetPass, so I won’t have a hard time with the “villager” mini game.

Playing both briefly got me anxious to get into the sequel but I’m still in the middle of my Bravely Default replay. Real life has been busy, so I’m still in Chapter 5. I managed to work my way to the final subquest though and am two battles away from Chapter 6. So far, I haven’t experienced anything that’s truly bad – the chapter was quite interesting, in fact.

I want to play Bravely Second, but I also can’t let go of the idea of revisiting Bravely Default’s second half and writing about it (shameless plug, I write weekly at Bravely Default got so much flak because of its “repetitive” second half; I want to see if the game deserves it.


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