activity log – 201706

Last month, my top three most frequently played 3DS games were:

1. Zero Time Dilemma (21:16) – Twenty hours of gameplay is a little shorter compared to the previous two Zero Escape games, but it’s okay – like the movie Memento, this game is worth playing through several times. I’m giving it a rest for now, but I’m surely revisiting this after a few months.

2. Bravely Default (18:42) – I didn’t think a New Game Plus run would take this much time, but it did. I’m just at the start of Chapter 4 so it looks like this game will continue to get my play time this July.

3. Fire Emblem Fates Conquest (14:46) – Still grinding​ in Boo Camp and doing the occasional castle battles to build my Supports. Still not good enough to beat the chapter I’m currently on. Makes me reconsider getting Fire Emblem Echoes.

And that’s it for the three 3DS games that I spent most of my gameplay time on last month. Not much action-oriented games this time; I might end up getting tired of reading-heavy games again.


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