So my excitement about how easier it is to earn coins in Pokemon Go was misguided – turns out there’s a daily cap of 50 coins per day, and I had to learn about it through experience. I’m not complaining though; 50 coins a day is so much more than I could ever get via the old Gym system, and I’m happy to earn that much this easily. Not to mention the added way of getting Stardust (sure beats having to toss extra berries for nothing).

I understand how other people, those who could easily get 100 coins a day via the old system, could feel bad about the change. Maybe there can be a happy middle ground wherein players could get 50 coins a day and exceed that up to a hundred with some extra effort, like it has to be earned via different Gyms at a slower rate.

But yeah, I’m earning more coins that I could ever have in the old system. This Gym revamp is a much needed shot-in-the-arm for Pokemon Go.


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