too good to be true

The previous way of gaining coins in Pokemon Go was bad (10 coins per Gym defended, claim once per 21 hours) but the new method is insanely broken. All you need is to defend a Gym for 10 minutes and you get a coin! That’s 6 coins per hour, 72 coins in half a day!

Prior to the Gym revamp, I only had 70 coins in my account. Earlier, I had 165. I had a defender sit on a Gym for around 7 hours (perks of working the night shift) and ended up earning 42 freaking coins. Now I’ve got 216 total, with my strongest Gyarados parked at a Gym near my office for almost 7 hours now. I’m probably going to end up with a total of 258 coins by the time I leave the office, maybe even more. That’s broken! Whose going to pay money to buy coins now?

I’m not really complaining, of course. I’m going to milk this as much as I can; I don’t see this going unchanged for long. It’s simply too rewarding.


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