I’m starting to get really frustrated with Fire Emblem Fates Conquest. People have said that this game is hard, but there’s a difference between hard and unfair. I mean, without too much detail to avoid spoilers, there are several missions wherein you’d have enemies coming out of nowhere. How do you prepare for the unexpected, the unknown? Do you keep on at a slow pace, moving one square at a time because you’re afraid to walk into a trap?

There’s usually no way to telegraph these. I mean, new enemies can come out of buildings or from anywhere on the edge of the maps. You can’t tell unless you’ve already seen it happen. And I don’t mind having to start over, but Fire Emblem missions can be LONG. Just now, I spent 70 minutes trying to beat the mission that I’m stuck on. I had two attempts. So each attempt is a half hour long. Another attempt means I have to start over from the beginning, restart a mission that already took up half an hour. That’s just a big time sink.

And I’m not underlevelled. I’ve beein grinding my characters on Boo Camp. I have Ike and a really strong Ryoma in my party. I’ve been upgrading my weapons. And I keep getting characters killed.

I don’t know, I’m starting to consider turning permadeath off. It gets tiring having to repeat missions over and over because enemies keep popping up from every where.


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