the night witch cometh

Finally, the Night Witch has been officially released and I can now free up that chest slot that my Legendary Chest has been occupying for more than two weeks now.

I remember reading about saving Legendary and Super Magical Chests until the release of a new Legendary card; but I forgot what it said. I’m not sure if the contents of a chest are determined when you get them or when they open; if the former is true then my Legendary chest does not have a Night Witch.

At the end of the day, opening my Legendary chest before the release of the Night Witch guarantees that I won’t get it from that chest. Waiting for it gives me that small chance. And all it cost me is one less chest slot for the last two weeks. So it’s all good.

Tomorrow, I’ll see what my Legendary Chest has. Night Witch is number one, but I’d be happy with an Electro Wizard, Princess, Lava Hound or Ice Wizard as well.


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