painful plague

I beat Shovel Knight last week and decided to go ahead with Plague of Shadows because I wanted my knowledge of the game’s stages to still be fresh, but this free DLC is giving me more trouble than I can handle at the moment. Despite being mostly similar, Plague of Shadows is like a totally different game simply due to Plague Knight having different abilities.

Plague of Shadows requires the mastery of an “exploding jump” mechanic that you can’t do without. And it’s a tough move to master – you need to hold a charge and then jump in the air, then release the charge to blast you upwards. I’m only at the fourth stage and I’m already having such a hard time, it’s become a game that I can’t play when my girlfriend is around as it requires my full attention.

Damn. I’m stuck in Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and now I may get stuck in Plague of Shadows soon.


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