activity log – 201704

One built-in app of the 3DS that I really like is the Activity Log. I love being able to see which games have been taking most of my time and which games need more of my attention. So I looked at my gameplay info for last month, and the top three games that got my time are:

  1. Fire Emblem Fates (30:11) – No surprises here. This is my main game and will remain to get a lot of my time as I continue my Conquest playthrough.
  2. Mario Sports Superstars (5:30) – Whoa! I didn’t expect this, especially since I barely talk about it. But there you go, Nintendo’s five sport bundle was second among my most played in April.
  3. Pokemon Shuffle (3:55) – To be honest, I only recently decided to stop playing this game. It’s just a never ending grind for coins; new Pokemon will continue to be added, time-bound special events will always be there to “force” me to play. So I’ve “stopped” playing this game.

And there you have it. Where’s Shovel Knight? Super Mario Maker? Maybe they’ll show up in my May Top Three.


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