let’s rock

So far, almost every time I start to get tired of Pokemon Go, when I stop pulling it up while traveling, Niantic manages to draw me back in with a special event. I thought that short and subpar Grass type event was a sign that Niantic wouldn’t launch events that would really draw me. And just in time, as if on cue, they do this Rock-type event. And I’m excited again.

I mean, we’re talking about Rock-type ‘mon here. Prior to this event, I’ve only seen an Onix in the wild once – now it’s all over the place. Same with Kabuto. And while Rhyhorn is a little more common, it’s evolved version is top-tier so I have another crack at getting a Rhydon with better moves than what I already have. I didn’t even know Shuckle was Rock-type and that it was part of Gen 2 so I was surprised to catch one in the wild.

On top of the better (from my perspective; it differs per locale of course) selection of ‘Mon, this event also comes with a faster Buddy Pokemon candy rate – quite timely because I’ve been stuck with my Dragonair buddy for more than a month now. This event will help me get my first ever Dragonite faster.

So yeah, I hope I get the chance to do a bit more walking this weekend. I hope I get more of Kabuto and Onix, and more miles of course. Thank you for making up for that boring Grass event, Niantic!


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