After hours upon hours of play, I finally got my first ever Bond Unit in Fire Emblem Fates Conquest. I never got one during my Birthright playthrough. I think you get one if you and another player keep visiting each other’s castles – I haven’t really read up on how it works.

What I got was a Level 1 female Wyvern Rider named Anise with the following skills: Fierce Counter (+2 damage on defense against male attackers), Strength +2, Draconic Hex (reduces enemy stats by 4 after combat), and Lifetaker (restores up to 50% HP after attacking and defeating an enemy). That’s a pretty solid unit! I immediately started training her over at Boo Camp and she’s now at Level 6.

With clone Ryoma, Ike, and now Anise, I’ve gotten a trio of pretty powerful reinforcements. I hope this helps me beat Conquest without having to change to Casual mode.


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