switching focus

I’m now at Chapter 22 in Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and I can’t help but wonder how bad I am at this game, because I’m stuck and can’t see myself moving past this chapter without doing lots of grinding. Maybe my dependency on Ike and that Ryoma clone that I picked up is now coming back to haunt me; my troops are now quite underlevelled compared to what I’m facing in this chapter.

Thank goodness for that Boo Camp DLC that I bought – not only was it useful when I was playing Birthright, I wouldn’t be playing Conquest if it weren’t for this DLC mission. And I’m sure that I’ll make good use of this when I get to Revelations.

With that said, I’m shifting my focus to my palate cleanser Super Mario Maker. Conquest is now the palate cleanser to that game. And maybe after I’m done, I’ll start my Shovel Knight playthrough.


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