water festivities

And just like that, the Pokemon Go Water Festival has ended. When it was first announced, I scoffed at the idea. Hurray, more Poliwags and Slowbros and Horseas and Goldeens and Krabby. But when I loaded the app on the first day of the event, I saw several Seels near my house. That sent me running down in a hurry.

Thanks to the Water Festival, one of my Pokedex problems has been solved – prior to this event, I’ve only seen a Seel once and that was by hatching an egg, never out in the wild. Now, I have enough Seel candies to evolve it into a Dewgong.

I also caught enough Magikarps to evolve it into a Gyarados and I’m very happy to say that it’s going to be a powerhouse right out of the gate – it’s CP meter is right near the end. I’m just hoping to get a good moveset for it.

I never did get any Shiny Magikarp but it’s okay – aside from being a rare version, it’s not that different from a normal Magikarp so it doesn’t have much gameplay value. Because, you know, you can’t exactly trade it for something else. (Maybe trading is next up on the list for Pokemon Go?)

At the end of the Water Festival, what did I get exactly? A ready to upgrade Seel, Magikarp, Horsea (for Kingdra) and Poliwag (for Politoed). Not bad at all.


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