birth of a conqueror

After some hesitation, I finally began my Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest playthrough. I figured, if I had plans of playing more RPGs like Bravely Second, Dragon Quest VIII, and that upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes game, I might as well deal with my Fates backlog as soon as possible.

To get a good feel of the storyline, I played through the Prologue chapters again and I have to say, the game doesn’t do a good job of selling the Nohrian side at all. I’d say that the majority of those playing the game​ would choose to side with Hoshido, with the exception of those who know that Conquest offered a tougher challenge and better mission design. Choosing Nohr was such a hard choice to make and the cutscenes that followed were a little tough to bear.

Once I got through the first mission after the choice, I felt a little better. There was a purpose to me being where I am, a good justification… I just wish that the game gave stronger hints prior to the decision.

Also – Conquest is awesome! The two chapters that immediately followed the choice were very difficult, in a way that you can’t just use brute force to get through them. I had to really think about my tactics; once I found a good solution, I won easily.

Oh yeah, I’m playing Conquest on Hard and Classic mode. Let’s see how long before I cave and change this to Casual. I already repeated one of the missions multiple times; I expect to do the same for the rest of the game.


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