secret weakness

I finally beat the linked game version of Oracle of Seasons and I’m a little disappointed. I tried my hardest to beat the game without checking any FAQs but failed. Minor spoilers ahead.

So I got to the game’s final boss, and I beat him with very little trouble. Without spoiling the solutions, the boss is invulnerable to most attacks save one, which I discovered on my own. After taking some damage, he’ll start using an object to block your attacks – if you hit said object you’ll take damage. And I figured out how to get around that too.

Since I was playing a linked game, the additional questions kicked in and I was faced with another “Lost Woods” type of puzzle wherein you needed to follow a specific direction in order to make it through the area. I figured that one out on my own too. 

And then I got to one of the end game bosses and I got complete stumped. After an hour of repeating the battle, I gave up and looked up the solution online. Turns out that you had to get the boss to a certain state and then shoot her with a specific type of seed – not any of the five available types would do, just a handful of those would work – and only then can you beat her.

And I was thinking, how in the world would I had figured that out on my own? As far as I could tell, the game didn’t offer any clues or hints that this was needed. And it appeared that what I was doing was causing damage – I just didn’t have a clue that I really wasn’t killing her. Should I have gone through each and every weapon in my inventory to discover this secret weakness? I did, and remember that the boss is only vulnerable to the seeds in only one specific state – it wouldn’t have worked any other time.

It’s a little frustrating when games become obtuse like this, when you have to rely on multiple trial and error runs just to beat it. This would have been acceptable if I had just been too lazy to figure it out on my own but I wasn’t. This battle needed lots of time, effort, and luck in order for players to win, and that’s not fair.


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