pinap berries are awesome

The recent Pokemon Go update was celebrated mainly because of the addition of the Gen 2 Pokemon. While I like that part of the update a lot, I think the best part of the update is the addition of Pinap Berries in the game.

When used on a Pokemon​ just before a catch attempt,  Pinap Berries have the simple bonus of increasing the candies that you get when you’re successful. Simple and doesn’t seem much, right?

It’s actually quite significant. You get candies on a successful catch, when you hatch eggs, and when you walk your Buddy Pokemon. So for rare Pokemon, the only sure way to get it’s candies is to walk it. And for most Pokemon, it’ll take you a 3 KM walk to get a single candy (this ranges from 1 KM – 5 KM). 

Pinap Berries can save you that effort and adds value to low CP rare Pokemon that you encounter. 10 CP Magikarp on the road? Great! Catch it with a Pinap Berry and earn extra Magikarp candies for your trouble.

I’ve been using Pinap Berries for that exact purpose – on weak Chikoritas, Totodiles, and other rare Pokemon. More reasons to catch those that I already have.


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