back and forth

There’s this element of the Zelda Oracles games that I forgot about. All I remembered from my previous playthrough was that beating one game would give you a password that you could enter in the other, allowing you to be one step ahead in terms of progression.

I forgot about the NPCs that would give you passwords in the second game (Oracle of Seasons in my current playthrough) that you need to give to specific NPCs in the first game (Oracle of Ages). Once you’ve done so, you’d be given rewards in the first game that you can transfer over to the second game via, you guessed it, a password.

Despite being done with Oracle of Ages, I’ve been going back to it to deliver passwords and obtain rewards for use in Oracle of Seasons. It’s neat but I have to admit, some of the NPCs are hard to find so it does take quite some time to do. Still, it’s an ingenious way of getting me to revisit a game that I’ve already beaten.


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