level 29

Roughly 45 days after posting about hitting Level 28 in Pokemon Go, I finally hit the next level – and that’s without the help of any Lucky Eggs! I have to admit, the Gen 2 update helped a lot, not just because of that New Pokemon XP bonus but also the addition of that First Catch XP bonus and the Streak mechanic. 

I now have fewer uncaught Gen 2 Pokemon so the climb to level 30 may be tougher this time around. But it’s okay; the Gen 2 update gave me a lot of achievements to chase after. With that said, let’s take a look at my updated stats:

  • I’ve caught 4,888 Pokemon (from 3,956)
  • I’ve hatched 212 Eggs (from 178)
  • I’ve evolved 347 Pokemon (from 322)
  • I’ve caught 166 different kinds of Pokemon (from 130)
  • I’ve seen 185 different kinds of Pokemon (from 144)
  • I’ve  won 299 gym battles
  • I’ve trained 327 times

Tracking stats and comparing them from the past is fun. Can’t wait to see how much these stats change once I hit Level 30. I guess we’ll know in two months.


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