03/2017 game rotation

I’m still in the middle of my Oracle of Ages playthrough and will go directly to Oracle of Seasons after that. Looking at how much time it’s taking me to beat Oracle of Ages, I might spend my entire March on beating the Oracles games.

In case I finish earlier, I’m probably going to start my Shovel Knight playthrough. Unless my girlfriend surprises me with Zero Time Dilemma, then I’m going to play that instead. I have Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and Revelations waiting for me, I need to save an action oriented game that I can alternate with a long RPG, so I’m really holding back on Shovel Knight.

Ugh, these RPG time sinks. I love them, but they take so much time to beat. I’ve got those two remaining Fates games on my plate, and I also want to play Bravely Second and Dragon Quest VIII. That’s why I’m not getting a Switch until August at the earliest – I’ve still got a lot of 3DS games to play.


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