a link between ages

Super Mario Maker’s challenge mode proved a little too stressful for me to play it for long doses, so I decided to start my The Legend of Zelda: Oracles playthrough. And since Oracle of the Seasons was the more combat-oriented of the two Oracles games, I decided to go with Oracle of Ages first.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages resembles Ocarina of Time the most, in that you have to travel to and from the past several times. Unlike Ocarina of Time wherein only your consciousness moves between time periods, you actually travel through time in Oracle of Ages. So you keep the same Link, and you bring your inventory of items and equipment with you.

The Legend of Zelda gameplay is sooooo addictive, I’ve only started playing today and I’m already on my way to get the game’s second quest item. I hope I’m able to beat both Oracles games in March so I can write a post about them over at 3rdworldgeeks.com for my planned Zelda month.


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