gen 2 madness

That Gen 2 Pokemon Go update sure changed things. Prior to the update, I had laser-focus on a goal: Gather enough candies to evolve my Kadabra into Alakazam. I had barely anything else left to do in the game; the rest depended on getting lucky with Eggs or encounters.

With the Gen 2 update, not only am I hunting for the Gen 2 Pokemon, but I’m also hunting for Gen 1 Pokemon that gained new evolutions – pokes like Slowpoke, Polywag/Polywhirl, and Oddish/Gloom. I’m also hunting for those special evolution items; stopping by at Pokestops means so much more than just recharging my inventory.

And Niantic tweaked several Pokemon moves too; I was focused on powering up a handful of Pokemon for battling, and I’ve added more to that list thanks to the tweaks. I need to do that to compete – the player base has grown thanks to returning players. It’s tougher to take over Gyms now, making those Poke coins a little harder to obtain.

This is all great news; Pokemon Go was really starting to get stale for me as it has for a lot of people. Now I’m more active in the game again.


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