steamworld end

And just like that, I’m done with SteamWorld Dig. A day after I had written about its depth. Was I wrong?

No, I wasn’t. SteamWorld Dig was deep, but all this depth came in a really dense package. You get all these abilities throughout the game that change how you approach it’s levels, puzzles, and challenges. But it does so in a short span of gameplay time.

When the story finally started to take shape, when the biggest question started to have an answer, after such an exciting boss battle, the game ends. A few postgame levels would have been great. Maybe an extra boss fight or two, just to extend the experience.

But it is what it is. SteamWorld Dig is a great, but really short, game. And I’m done with it.

With a few days left in the month, now is the perfect time to go back to Super Mario Maker. It’s gonna be a great way to bide my time until I’m ready for Shovel Knight.


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