a lot of depth

Who would have thought that a game centered around mining would have a lot of depth (pun intended) but that’s how I feel about SteamWorld Dig.

The concept is really simple – dig your way deep into the mine, obtaining precious ores as you go. When your lantern runs out of fuel or when your bag is full, you’ll want to make your way back up into town so you need to make sure your path will allow you to climb back up. As you go deeper, you start to face different obstacles in the form of stage hazards and enemies. You also gain special abilities that will help you explore further.

Around threee hours in, I’ve already gotten several new moves and techniques and it doesn’t feel like the game is slowing down or reaching its peak, so I think I’m looking at a ten or twenty hour game. If there’s anything bad I can say about SteamWorld Dig, it’s the lack of enemy variety. But that’s a minor quibble as combat is not this game’s focus.


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