flash training frustration

For the first time since picking it up, I finally got to a spot in Inazuma Eleven where my skills were no longer enough to progress farther, a point wherein I needed to do a bit of grinding and improve my team’s stats before I could move forward. Enter the game’s Flash Training Facility, a location wherein you can improve one or two of your entire team’s stats at the same time.

I love that there is such a thing in Inazuma Eleven. But what I hate about the Flash Training Facility is how much it’s a very high risk, high reward system. Doing a training course in the Flash Training Facility essentially means winning a lot of four-on-four soccer battles and then a full on match at the end. 

My problem with the courses is that a loss would mean you start over from the beginning, without any gains save for the Prestige and Friendship points you gain every win and the item rewards.and it’s sooooo easy to lose a battle.

From my experience, the battles in the Flash Training Facility all require you to score a goal before your opponent does within the set time limit. If time runs out before you score a goal, you lose. If your opponent scores, you lose. With the game’s special move system, you can be unlucky and get matched up against a goalie with a really powerful defensive special move that can shut you out. On the flip side, you might end up facing an opponent with a strong offensive special move that can’t be blocked unless you use a special move yourself. And again, one loss means the course is over and you won’t get the stat increases that you were working to get.

It’s not impossible, but it’s highly challenging and it can feel like a big waste of time if you fail. But it is what it is; I just have to be at the top of my game whenever I do any Flash Training Facility runs.


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