Despite already leaning towards Shovel Knight, I ended up playing Inazuma Eleven, and boy am I hooked. I’ve never been a soccer fan, but I can’t resist this game’s charm and storyline. 

I usually like it a lot whenever a game, movie, book, story has two main protagonists, which this game has. The contrast between the team captain Mark Evans and the ace striker Axel Blaze made for interesting character dynamics.

And the game mechanics… I didn’t expect stylus controls working so well for a soccer game, but its a great fit. I’ve played soccer games in the past and felt it too easy to score goals whenever I have direct control over the players themselves. The difficulty of only being able to direct your team via the stylus is effective in simulating how hard it is to score a goal in a soccer match, and I love it.

I only started playing Inazuma Eleven last Sunday and have already made great progress. I think I should be able to beat this game by the third week of February, barring unforeseen difficulty spikes that will require some grinding.


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  1. Awesome! Both Shovel Knight and Inazuma are great games!

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