And just like that, after relying on auto battles and easy missions, I’ve finally gotten all of the obtainable A-Rank Support Conversations for the second generation characters in Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. I just got my first S-Rank conversation a few minutes ago, and it drove a point that I’ve suspected about the game a long time ago home – that the Child system of Fire Emblem Awakening wouldn’t be a good for Fates.

There are several reasons why this is, so I’ll just point out what’s most glaring. You see, Fire Emblem Fates revolves around the story of two families. In both Conquest and Birthright, you’ll end up siding with a group that consists of four siblings/half-siblings. These brothers/sisters can’t be paired up with each other; they’ll have to get their S-Rank Support with non-relatives. The problem comes up when they have offspring.

In my current Birthright playthrough, I matched up the son (Shiro) of the eldest male of the Hoshido royal family with the daughter (Caeldori) of the eldest female of the same family. That makes them first cousins, but the game let’s them profess their (non-familial) love for each other. The problem here is, this could only have happened if I had matched up Caeldori’s dad with a member of the Hoshido royal family, of which there are two. Anyone else could have been Caeldori’s mother and it would have been fine. 

This wasn’t a problem in Fire Emblem Awakening because there are only three playable characters who are related to each other, so it was easy to avoid weird second gen relationships.

Oh well, whatever. I don’t find it offensive as I can see how Intelligent Systems couldn’t build a check against this given the different combinations that could happen. It’s just… The Child system fit so well with Fire Extinguisher Emblem Awakening and it feels shoe horned into Fates. I hope this system is implemented better in future Fire Emblem games to come.


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