With the upcoming release of two Fire Emblem games (Heroes on mobile, Echoes on 3DS), I’ve decided to focus on my playthrough of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. I’m actually almost done with the game – I’m already at the final stage/mission. What’s stopping me from beating the game entirely are the Support Conversations; I’d like to unlock everything that I can unlock so that I can get the fullest ending possible. 

So I’ve actually been grinding on those random skirmishes almost everyday for several months now with this objective in mind. I even purchased a DLC mission (Boo Camp) so I won’t have to spend extra Gold for more skirmishes. But these missions still require time, and I still end up resetting my game anytime someone dies. Now that I’ve maxed everyone in terms of levels (sans reclassing) and with more urgency to complete the game at the soonest, I’ve reverted to auto battling.

Autobattling though, will lead to certain death if the enemies are too strong so what I do now is I spend gold to generate skirmishes from the earlier levels. Not only is it less expensive, but the enemy levels are so low, my characters have a very low chance of dying. 

The only problem with this approach is auto battles only last for one turn – I have to keep selecting it each and every turn. But it’s still a big help as I’m able to let the AI fight for me while I do other stuff, like write this post for instance. With this advantage, I’m sure to beat Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright by the second week of February.


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