trifecta is somewhat alive

Another attempt at reviving my Trifecta deck in Clash Royale seems to be working, and all it took was one card. Skeleton Army was proving to be too vulnerable to Zap and The Log, was useless to most flying troops, and had to be played reactively, so I went back to the card that it replaced: Mega Minion. 

The big change is letting go of the jolly little Ice Spirit (it was really hard, I loved that one cost critter) and replacing it with the bigger Ice Golem. Despite not being able to attack troops directly, the Ice Golem gave me a meaty distraction against both ground and flying troops. It is as effective against Minion Horde as the Ice Spirit (maybe even better), but it is much better at kiting troops toward the center.

This adjustment made it easier to deal with Elite Barbarians as the Ice Golem can distract them long enough for my other units to kill them off, while bolstering my deck against Lava Hound since I get to keep my Mega Minion and the Ice Golem could tank against and damage those pesky Lava Pups. All this for a measly one elixir increase, which meant that I could still perform my favorite Hog Rider jump maneuver.

I’ve known the utility of the Ice Golem for quite some time now; Clash Royale folks over at Reddit have even said that the Ice Golem was broken. Thanks to the Elite Barbarians, I was forced to adapt and evolve. Now, Clash Royale is a little less frustrating.


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