trifecta is dead

I guess the Clash Royale Trifecta deck can now officially be declared dead. The nerfs to Poison and Elixir Collector started this decline in effectiveness and the Elite Barbarians meta completely killed it off.

Prior to the Elite Barbarians buff, I still managed to make the Trifecta deck work by replacing the Collector with a Mega Minion and Poison with The Log. It worked well enough for  to hang around the 3,500 trophy range. But when the Elite Barbarians got their massive buff, my deck couldn’t cut it anymore. I had to replace the Mega Minion with a Skeleton Army to deal with the Elite Barbs, but that made my deck really vulnerable against Lava Hound-centric air decks. And adding Skeleton Army wasn’t a guaranteed ace in the hole against Elite Barbs as they could easily be Zapped and the Ice Golem’s (a frequent Elite Barbs companion) Frost Nova kills them off easily.

Unfortunately, I can’t easily change decks due to the game’s upgrade system. Right now I’m sticking with Trifecta, hanging on to Legendary Arena while waiting for an Elite Barbs nerf (or at least another change).


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