unnecessary frugality

The Starter Pokemon event in Pokemon Go just ended, so now I’m diverting my attention back to developing my battle Pokemon. Which drove home a video gaming flaw that I’ve been guilty for the longest time: unneeded frugality.

Essentially, I’ve been hoarding in-game resources like items and power ups and saving them for later use. I say unneeded because this just slows down my progress and I end up not needing all these come the end game. I’m usually like this in RPGs, and the last game that comes to mind wherein I did this was Fire Emblem Awakening.

Like the prior Fire Emblem games, Fire Emblem Awakening was known for its consummable weapons mechanic – each weapon would wear out and be destroyed after being used a certain number of times. So I saved up my advanced weapons and played through the majority of the game using the most basic weapons, making missions harder than they should have been.

I’m guilty of doing something similar in Pokemon Go. Instead of powering up my Pokemon, I’ve been saving up my stardust (resource needed for power ups) for who knows what. Right now, I’m compelled to stop powering up any time my stardust goes below 50,000. It was much worse before – I had saved up more than 100,000 stardust and refused to spend any unless I’m above 100k.

It’s a weird personal quirk that’s making my video gaming experience harder than necessary. Weird, huh?



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2 responses to “unnecessary frugality

  1. When it comes to RPGs I always horde the powerful stuff for an emergency, only to then end the game without using them.

    Thank goodness that most weapons don’t break in Fire Emblem Fates.

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