new year PoGo events

Just when I thought things in Pokemon Go would slow down, Niantic managed to make the game exciting again thanks to a few timely in-game events. First off, releasing a special holiday version of Pikachu was neat primarily because it made the most popular Pokemon much easier to obtain. Prior to the holiday events, I’ve never even seen the yellow rodent but since then, I’ve managed to catch exactly 25 of them. Enough to get a high IV one and get enough candies to evolve that into a Raichu.

Even before ending the holiday Pikachu events, Niantic started a new one to celebrate the new year. Now, people can get single use Incubators once a day from Pokestops, and all the original starter Pokemon are appearing much more frequently now.

All these upped my Pokedex count to 122 caught (including two of the new 2nd gen ones) and have put me in a position to obtain at least a couple more. That should be enough to keep me occupied until the next big update.


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