safari sickness

Of all the Pokemon Shuffle special events, the one I least like is the Pokemon Safari events. Every time there’s a Pokemon Safari, I get obligated to play the game more than I want to, and the pay-off isn’t that good.

Safari stages involve a set of seven Pokemon; when you battle at a Safari stage, you get matched up against any one of those seven randomly. It’s alright if the seven have common types, but most of the time the set consists of Pokemon with two different types. But that’s really not why I dislike this event so much.

The first problem with Pokemon Safari events is the randomness. If you’ve already caught most of the Pokemon in the set, then you may end up using your Hearts battling these Pokemon (the encounters can repeat). These Pokemon in Safari stages also have really low catch rates, and due to the randomness of the encounters, it isn’t advisable to use power ups (you might end up wasting them on Pokemon that you’ve already caught). Because the catch rates are low, you may end up spending your coins on great balls multiple times (I spent 10,000 coins yesterday for this reason). And these Pokemon are frequently weak, with starting attack ratings of 40 or 50. To be honest, the only reason why I’m making such an effort on these Safari events is because I’ve “gotta catch em all”.
I tried to ignore the most recent Safari event but eventually caved in and started playing Pokemon Shuffle a lot on both my 2DS and 3DS. Thankfully, I caught most of the Safari ‘mon already. I can’t wait to make that one final catch; after which I’ll take another break from the game.


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