new trophy high

Despite not making any significant changes to my deck or upgrades to the cards that I use, I’ve managed to hit a new trophy high in Clash Royale today. Right now, I’m sitting at 3,626 trophies.

I’m anticipating a losing streak to come because that’s how Clash Royale works – you sometimes outperform your trophy range and shoot over it, and then you come crashing back to where you should be after a losing streak. I’m prepared for it so I won’t feel bad when it happens.

I’m currently in a spot that feels like limbo – too good to fall below 3,000 trophies but not good enough to reach the 4,000 mark. I’ve been here for months, and while I’ve been progressing slowly, I don’t feel any real progress because the rewards at 3,400-3,500 trophies is the same as what you can get at 3,000. I guess it’s good that I’m able to avoid the pressure of dropping to a lower Arena, but at the same time I don’t feel rewarded for my little advancements.

Oh well. I think I should be happy with getting max Gold and cards and just keep grinding until I get the rest of the Legendaries and/or obtain the needed Gold for my next big upgrade.


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