8 bit alucard

After I beat River City: Tokyo Rumble for the second time, I finally moved on to my next game – Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, the 3DS virtual console version. I no longer appreciate NES games due to their 8 bit graphics (particularly the older ones) but I was excited to play this one.

First, it’s been lauded as one of the better looking games on the NES. I’ve never played any of the 8 bit Castlevania games before and they say that this is the best one. I also found the game’s “partner” mechanic intriguing, especially since one of your partners in the game is Alucard, renowned for being the protagonist of Symphony of the Night.

When I started playing, I decided to go in blind and not read anything about the game’s multiple paths. I wanted who my potential partner will be to be a surprise. As fate would have it, I got partnered with Alucard!

I’m really enjoying the game, and I’m happy with the purchase because the multiple paths will mean multiple non-repetitive playthroughs. That’s all for now as my hands are literally itching for my 3DS.


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