ai advantage

That “Defeat 3,000 delinquents” job in River City: Tokyo Rumble proved as tedious as I expected, so I ended up taking advantage of the game’s partner AI. What I did was to look for a spot with high ground, one that can’t be reached without doing a double jump. With the help of the Jetpack item, I parked my character on that high spot and let the AI partner beat up enemies on its own. I equipped my partner with a Healing Chain item to ensure that it would survive.

Thankfully, I’ve got a 2DS so I’m able to set the game aside while I’m playing other games. I can’t leave the game alone completely; sometimes, the enemies and the AI partner gets stuck and I’d need to go down and beat the enemies up myself. But I’m free enough to play something else while the AI grinds for that 3,000 KO’s.

Last I checked, I already had 2,500 defeated enemies. I’m almost done with River City: Tokyo Rumble; I can’t wait to start with my next game.



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2 responses to “ai advantage

  1. Ingenious tip. Tokyo Rumble is fun, but I wouldn’t have the patience to grind that much for that job.

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