river city grind

I may have bit off more than I’m willing to chew when I decided to do a 100% completion New Game Plus run of River City Tokyo Rumble. I thought it’d be a breeze since I’d retain my character levels, equipment, items and cash. Turns out that there are some Jobs that would be very time consuming.

The first Job that I had trouble with was thst black belt job which required me to buy all of the Special Moves that Kunio could learn, so I had to grind a lot in order to save up the needed cash. And it was a long grind – some of those moves cost 20,000 yen! 

The second Job that gave me trouble was the one that required me to beat 1,000 enemies. It didn’t matter who the enemy was – I got credit for beating up anyone. I did both these jobs at the same time because you earned cash primarily from defeating enemies.

I thought that was it – what could be more difficult than that beat 1,000 enemies Job, right? How about beat 3,000 enemies?

That’s right, the last Job that I’m working on right now requires that I beat up 3,000 enemies. And so far, I’ve barely cracked 100. 

On the bright side, this extended my playthrough of River City Tokyo Rumble to 23 hours and counting. At least I got my money’s worth, sort of. Can’t wait to be done with this and go back to my Fire Emblem Fates playthrough.


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