pokemon go glitch

I recently discovered this weird, highly beneficial “glitch” in Pokemon Go. Im enclosing glitch in quotation marks because I’m not exactly sure if it’s a bug in the PoGo app (unlikely) or if what’s happening is the result of our bad mobile internet service. 

A few weeks ago, the internet service at my home became so bad, I kept getting that GPS error whenever I tried to access Pokemon Go, and all I’d see is an empty green map. I discovered the “glitch” when I connected my mobile phone to our WiFi and let PoGo load up. When I switched my phone back to mobile internet, my character in PoGo started walking slowly in the South East direction! And this isn’t a short distance – my PoGo avatar travels roughly two-three blocks away. Once it’s reached as far as it can go, I connect my phone back to our WiFi and my avatar jumps right back to the spot where our house is located. I switch it back to mobile and the avatar starts walking again!

I sometimes encounter Pokemon while this is happening, so I’m able to make a few catches even if I’m just playing at home. What this glitch helps me a lot with is all those KMs that I need to walk to get buddy candies and hatch eggs. Just today, I managed to get 3 candies off of a 3 KM buddy and hatch a 5 KM egg all in the comfort of my home. And I’m doing this all legitimately – no weird apps or any IP spoofers or anything. I’m just switching between mobile and WiFi Internet; just taking advantage of a side effect of laughably bad internet service.


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