adjusting to the meta

I’ve been having trouble making the Hog Trifecta (Ice Spirit version) deck work since the series of nerfs hit, especially when it comes to the Elixir Collector. Increasing its cost from 5 to 6 without adjusting it’s Elixir production (you still get an extra 2 if the Collector lasts for its entire lifespan) made it too big of a risk to play for essentially the same reward. So I decided to replace it. But I haven’t decided what to replace it with yet.

Right now, I’m looking at three options: The Log, Mega Minion, and Minions. The Log has become more viable than ever thanks to the damage buffs that it’s been getting and because of the increasing usage of the Skeleton Army. Minions are good for aerial defense and make for awesome Hog Rider companions on a counter push, but are easily killed by Arrows and overlevelled Zaps. The Mega Minion functions similarly but is better than the Minions on defense due to its meatier health and slow movement speed.

I hope that one of these three works well enough to keep me in Legendary Arena. I’m not in a good position to completely change my deck since I’ve focused most of my upgrades on the cards in this specific deck. If this doesn’t work, then all the time I spent on requests would have been a waste.


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