c-stick shenanigans 

I guess I was too confident in the durability of Nintendo’s components because I inadvertently ruined the C-Stick of my New Nintendo 3DS XL. The C-Stick is known for having issues when it comes to aiming downward – for some reason, it responds poorly whenever you press it on its bottom half. Because of the intensity of the final mission of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, I resorted to digging into the C-Stick just to get it to aim downwards properly.

It worked; I was able to beat the mission and the game. But the rubber C-Stick got damaged and a tear started to form where I had pressed with my nail. I think that tear compromised the entire thing and now it feels really squishy whenever I press it.

I had read about folks replacing the C-Stick with the PSP 1000’s analog pad online, but I’m too scared to do it myself (I can still remember opening up my 2DS – all those flex ribbons are scary). But the timing couldn’t be better when I saw our local friendly neighborhood 3DS technician’s ad. Apparently, he added the skill of C-Stick replacement to his repertoire since I saw him last, and now he’s offering C-Stick to PSP analog conversions for a reasonable price. He even provides the analog pads himself.

From what I’ve read, the PSP analog pad functions better than Nintendo’s rubber C-Stick. So this C-Stick problem of mine is now an opportunity to “upgrade” to a better component. I can’t wait to go through the conversion and test it out – it may actually improve my FPS experiences on the 3DS.


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