keep on nerfin’

Just when I thought that I had seen the last of the nerfs to the Clash Royale cards that I use, SuperCell announced another set of game adjustments. One of those adjustments involves a reduction of the Ice Spirit’s freeze effect from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. Ouch.

The previous nerfs to Poison and Elixir Collector didn’t hit me as hard as i expected it to, but it did have an impact. I dropped by 200 trophies and have been currently struggling to keep myself above 3100 trophies. I’ve adjusted, but my battle deck is definitely not as good as it was.

Half a second may not seem much, but Clash Royale is a game where proper timing can be the difference between winning or losing. That half a second reduction means I have an even smaller room for error.

I’ve invested so much time and Gold on my current battle deck, so switching up isn’t that easy. All I want right now is to remain in Legendary Arena so that I can get as many Gold and cards as I can. But I’ve already started to look for tweaks or alternate decks. I hope I don’t drop too much after the updates go live on November 1st.


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